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Online Batman Games-The Ultimate Entertainment

For those who want to have some entertainment right from the privacy of their homes, Online Batman games are a good option. After all, who would not know about the Caped crusader. Almost every child and teenager across the country admires The Dark Knight who uses his powers to save The Gotham City from the bad guys. From its humble beginning as a hero in the popular DC comic books created in the year 1939, Batman series entered the television screens. Gradually batman entered the computer screens also. The first Batman games appeared on the computer in the year by Ocean software. Thanks to the world of modern technology and the internet, now, we can download hundreds of batman games and play them to our hearts content. Here is a popular site where you can play and download your favorite superhero games. batmangamesx is one of the most popular sites where you can play several games free.  The site has single player as well as multiplayer options.

The Dark Knight and his Popularity

The Dark Knight has several versions of movies made upon him. There are at least five versions of movies created on the Batman and his mysteries. The man with his special wings also has hundreds of animated series making him the most popular hero among kids. Since then there has been no looking back for, our Black caped crusader who has captured millions of hearts across the world.

Batman Games and its Genres

Today a number of batman games are available on the net .If you are really interested to know more about your superhero, and then read more. Some of the popular ones you may like are

There are no of games which you can enjoy from the site. Try out some of these like The Brawl, The Batman: Ice Age, Dynamic Double team and much more.

So, if you feel bored of your daily mundane life and want to have some fun and entertainment right from the comfort of your home, just download Online Batman games and enjoy your moments of leisure.

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