Five Tips to Effective Web Designing for Your Business

Responsive_Web_DesignThe way the site of your company is designed in relation to colors, images, layout, navigation, fonts and much more will have a great impact on the overall success or failure of your company on the cyberspace. A well designed and thought-out site will have low exits and high conversations. On the other hand, poorly designed website will have high bounce rate which will lead to poor sales of your products and services. A good site should be easy to navigate to give visitors user-friendly experience. Discussed in this article are tips to effective web designing for your business.

Use Standard Color Scheme

The color scheme of your website is very significant. As such, you should ensure that you use standard color scheme when designing. For instance, dark text teamed up with a light background is a great idea. In order to have high conversion rate, the site should also be easy to read and navigate. It might be hard to read text on a computer screen when the background is dark colored. So, choose the background color appropriately.

When it comes to call to action, it is recommended that you use a single color to make it easier to find. Too many colors in your site may distract the visitors and they may eventually not make a purchase. This will not help you to achieve company objectives and goals of having a website. Therefore, pursue to have standard color scheme on your site which will increase conversation rate and ultimately sales.


The layout that is on your website should be able to appropriately and effectively support various types of content that is on the page. The layout should ideally have an eye focus on the main statement followed by supporting elements such as blog posts, videos, testimonials and so forth. If you can design your website this way, the conversation rate will be high and this will result to more profits.

It is worth mentioning that if you don’t give a clear path for the visitors’ eyes to follow because the page is bombarded with imagery, then it will be hard to achieve the targeted conversations. Ensure that the layout provides the visitors with a clear path to follow and the visitors can quickly access what they are looking for.

Call to Action

When you are placing the text for call to action, ensure that it’s situated in direct line of the visitors’ path. The main call to action for selling your company products or services should be big and more outstanding than any other call to action like signing up for a newsletter.

Simple to Explore

One of the key components to a successful site is that it should be easy to use. The information on the page should be useful and concise. In addition, the site should be easy to navigate within few clicks.  A typical internet surfer will only take few seconds before deciding whether a website is able to give him desired information or not. So, it’s very useful if you make your site easy to understand and explore. A well designed and though out site will have a layout that is clear and concise.  The right choice of color, text size, position as well as contrast will definitely help the visitors get what they want within few seconds of arriving on the site. When a site is easy and simple to navigate then the conversation rate is high.

Versatile Programming Language

For optimal results, you should ensure that your company site is programmed in such a way that it can run effectively and efficiently on as many systems as possible. This is so because not every internet user is able to access the latest PC technology or the very latest in broadband. Using a versatile programming language like HTML, you will be able to reach a wider audience who use various browsers.

When all is said and done, a good website should be easy to navigate and have the capacity to increase the sales of the company. Apart from retaining the customers, it should help to attract more prospects. Invest your resources wisely to get a website design that is best suitable for your target audience.

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Kingsley Richard is an experienced web designer. He spends most of his time offering advice on how to be a successful web designer. He gets his inspirations from Rebel Trail.

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