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How To Judge A Perfect Review For An Apartment

Choosing an apartment for living is quite a challenging task. It becomes more difficult if you are new to the locality. You will find many brokers who are willing to help you for a price. Sometimes they can be a genuine guide and sometimes all they want is your hard earned money.

Finding a new apartment means going through advertisements in local newspapers, browsing through different apartment review websites etc to draw a logical conclusion. Many websites are available with review columns that will guide you in finding the right apartment. But internet is also full of websites providing fraudulent information on real estate market. You must be cautious while checking the reviews in the internet. There are certain factors to look for while judging a perfect review for apartments.


Location is one of the most important aspects of any apartment. Any legitimate website for apartment reviews must mention this point during their evaluation. Many people don’t want a long drive from their home to their working place. A review website should give stress on the transportation facilities available. Nearby roads and highways available etc.

Apartment size

A review is not complete until and unless the website hasn’t mentioned about the size of the apartment. A review website must point out whether the apartment is offering single bedroom or double bedroom flats. This is an important factor as you may be looking for a single room apartment instead of a double room apartment. If you are a student you might be looking for a shared apartment. The review website must mention it clearly whether they are providing any facility of shared apartment.


Every house owner looks for a house that will protect their family from any danger. The review website must mention the security features available in the apartment like availability of security gates, whether there is any safety alarm installed in the apartment or not etc. The review website must provide detailed report on the criminal activities of the area where the apartment is located.

Availability of Floors

The review website must point the number of floors available in the apartment and which are open for accommodation along with their respective advantages and disadvantages. For examples view from top floors are pretty nice. Chances of burglary and theft also reduced to a great extant if you choose the top floor of the apartment to stay. The review website must mention these points clearly in their website while reviewing the apartments.

Policy Regarding Pets

This point should be clearly mentioned in the website. Different apartments have different policies regarding pets. Some may allow pets some might not even entertain any. Many apartments ask for non refundable deposits for pets. They even charge for monthly fees if you carry any pet along with you.


The website must mention whether facilities like swimming pool and fitness centers are available or not. How many pools the apartment complex has? For how long the gym or fitness centers remain open. Does the apartment has any laundry service or not? What are the utilities available in the apartments etc. A review website must not miss these points while evaluating a website.

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