The Secrets To Conquering Long Flights

No one likes riding on a long flight, especially if it’s a red eye, but they’re a part of life. At some point or another, we all have to sit through one of these ordeals. Until you’ve done that, you won’t be able to understand how unpleasant the whole experience is. It’s not the same as a normal trip, and once you’ve lived through making the mistake of thinking that it is, you’ll never want to underestimate it again. Here are some simple steps you can take to make that wish a reality.

The Secrets To Conquering Long Flights
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Prepping for the Journey

If you are expecting a long flight, then prepare for it. A 13 hour journey to Asia really starts well before you ever step foot into the airport. First of all, take care of your skin, because it’s going to get oily after hours of sitting around. You might want to consider exfoliating and moisturizing beforehand, even if you’re a big macho guy. It might not be part of your normal routine, but neither is an extended flight.

Make sure to go into the flight with a full stomach and a hydrated body. The airline will provide you with food and drink during the ride, but it might not be enough for you. Or maybe they won’t offer a meal that you will like. Having a good meal before you get on the plane is just a good idea.

You can’t always do this though. Sometimes short trips suddenly become long ones due to surprise complications. In those cases, prepping isn’t an option, and the flying experience might be a little harder because of it. However, prepping isn’t the only thing that can keep you relaxed and refreshed.

Bringing Supplies

Stock up on things that keep you comfortable. What those items are is different for everyone. Some might want a case of makeup to freshen up with. Others would like to munch down on their favorite snack and drink. Maybe you would like a fresh, moist towelette to rejuvenate you. Whatever you need, bring it along for the ride as long as it adheres to FAA regulations.

Sleep is King

Your trip is going to involve a lot of sitting in place. One way to ensure that the time flies by with ease is to sleep through it, and it will keep you feeling fresh and awake. If you can fit a pillow and blanket into your carry on, then you should. Chances are, after several hours sitting in one place and enduring various waits in between flights, you’ll want a nap, but it would be difficult to enjoy without the right tools in hand.

A Trip to the Bathroom can Go a Long Way

The bathroom of a flight isn’t just the place you go to use the toilet. It has a mirror and sink as well, and they’re there for more than just washing your hands. Many passengers never think to do anything else with them, but there’s nothing preventing that. Bring your dopp kit in your carry on so you can sneak away to the lavatory and brush your teeth or enjoy some luxury shaving. There’s no more obvious sign of exhaustion than a clear 5-o’clock shadow on a traveler’s face. Women might appreciate a brief touching up of their makeup. Even simply washing your face can give you the energy to keep pushing on through the nightmare that distant travels often bring.

If you’re tired of having flights to vacation spots leave you feeling more stressed than when you left the office, then consider giving these few tips a try. Long flights might be an inevitable necessity of life, but they don’t have to be necessarily unbearable.

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