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How To Find A Cost Effective Accommodation In Auckland, New Zealand

When it comes to finding a cost effective accommodation in Auckland, New Zealand, one needs to be extremely careful. Auckland is one of those places which is not only famous for its tourist spots and sparkling scenic beauty but for its astounding accommodation facilities. Hence the onus is on you as a tourist, to pick up the best from amongst them not only in terms of service but from the cost point of view.

While looking for a consistent hotel or any other type of accommodation, one must keep in mind that even the most top-notch hotels are not always able to offer your very own ‘Pipes & slippers”. Even then you can actually be surprised to find that there are some, which can be that generic enough to provide a homely ambience that one can only dream of. Therefore, the objective of the search should be to pick up one of these accommodations. Let us get into the technicalities of looking for the best accommodation in Auckland New Zealand.


Location is one of the most important criteria that help in taking a decision at the end of the search. You will never like to stay put in a hotel that is not located in a ‘happening’ place and is miles away from the main markets or the topmost tourist spots. Putting up in hotel that is close to the chief facilities and attractions not only help in saving a lot of transport costs but also make the stay far more ecstatic. By opting for a hotel located in the hub of the city, a tourist will be able to get whatever he or she would like to see & do as a tourist, with hardly any afford.


Price is obviously another factor that will make a difference. While one surely sets a budget for yourself while on a tour, no one will for sure choose a hotel that will send that budget for a toss.


This is another very important factor that makes all the difference while choosing the best accommodation in Auckland, New Zealand. The word of mouth from your friends, office colleague, relatives and neighbors definitely impacts your decision heavily.

Services and Facilities

Understandably, the services and facilities offered by the hotels and lodges also impact a decision. One would naturally try to look for the hotel which has the best services and facilities that will make feel ‘at home’. This ostensibly includes facilities like laundry, transportation, room services, competency and the service of the staffs, foods, drinks and beverages served, cleanliness and overall ambience of the accommodation.

One of the best ways to look for the best accommodation in Auckland New Zealand is to search for the same on the internet. All the leading hotels, motels and lodges have a significance online presence and the websites maintained by them would provide enough information that helps in selecting the best amongst them.

Selecting one of these accommodations is not rocket science. All you need is some logical thinking and enough patience to save money while you enjoy. Only a thorough search and some meticulous planning will get you to the best and the cheapest accommodation in Auckland New Zealand.

Author bio: The author Alice is a professional adviser associated with the Tourism Department, New Zealand and is well familiar with the accommodation in Auckland New Zealand.

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