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Think Twice Before Buying Different Types Of Shoes For Women

People prefer to wear different types of shoes to different types of parties. Now its a fashion to wear different shoes, sneakers and sandals. Especially women own at-least three to four different types of pairs for different types of parties. For example, they choose to wear stilettos for parties, platform wedges to a shopping mall or pubs and bars, flip-flops to a near by store or any other provisional store and running sneakers for running and doing physical exercises. While jogging or while going for an evening walk people choose running sneakers. One cannot use flip-flops to a party or while going to shopping mall. So, there are different varieties for women to wear. When compared to women, men own a maximum of two different varieties of foot wear. Formal shoes for office and running sneakers for jogging and sandals for going to a near by store. There are many problems that occur mostly with women while wearing different types of shoes for different types of parties. Women suffer a lot when compared to men with their feet. The following are the problems that occur in women while wearing different types of shoes.


Stilettos are nothing but the long heels or the pencil heel for women. Wearing this type of heel will make women suffer a lot. Wearing these type of heels for a long period of time may add your weight to the toes of your feet. These heels can cause your ankles get sprained, fractures on mid foot and neuromas that is nothing but your nerves may swell as if you wear for a long period of time.

Platform wedges:

Platform wedges are nothing but a type of high heels. They usually have more amount of cloth work. The entire shoe is a heel from the starting of the toe to the end of the foot. Even these platform wedges have platforms, which is used to reduce the pain of the foot and even protects the ball of the foot. But, as these platform wedges also have heels, so women may suffer from similar ailments.


 Flip-flops are a type of foot wear which can be used for regular wear. they are usually flat, very thin in size and more open to the environment. As these are very much open to the environment, the feet may not be provided with enough support. The feet may get tanned or may become black than that of the original color and it may look more ugly to watch. the thong between your leg fingers or the toes is more dangerous because it will force your entire muscles to grip a lot. Wearing these shoes may cause inflammation heel pain, fractures and strains.

Running Sneakers:

Running sneakers may be the best choice to wear for jogging, walking and running but not necessary for dancing, cycling and hiking because, the cushion may tear. Too much cushion is also not a better choice. having too much of cushion may not allow you to feel the sense of the ground. Wearing these type of shoes can cause chronic stress injuries particularly to the heel.

Hence, women should try to avoid these type of shoes for long hours and maintain your health from declining. Because, without foot we cannot make our daily needs. Hence be careful with your foot wear.

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