iOrgSoft SWF to FLV Converter Mac Help Upload SWF Videos to YouTube

Have you tried to upload and share Flash videos onto YouTube? If you have, did you smoothly and successfully upload the Flash videos to YouTube every time? Flash file have two formats-FLV and SWF, and if your flash file is in SWF format, you should have encountered trouble since YouTube cannot read SWF format but FLV format.

Both FLV and SWF formats are largely used in the internet. The Flash videos on YouTube are all in FLV format. FLV is a video container. It is very commonly used among the popular video sharing websites like YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, MySpace etc. SWF file contains many things including video, animation, games etc. it is used for multimedia, vector graphics and ActionScript. FLV is not capable of providing interaction while SWF can. Anyway, although SWF contains video, it is not good at offering long and high quality videos as FLV does. And it is not accepted by YouTube. This is the most important reason why so many people Google for SWF Converter. Using SWF Converter, they can then convert SWF to FLV to upload to YouTube for sharing.

iOrgSoft SWF to FLV Converter Mac Help Upload SWF Videos to YouTube

If you are still confused which product you should choose, iOrgSoft Mac SWF to Video Converter may be able to tell you. As its name claims, it can help you out with the conversion between SWF and FLV with ease on Mac. After converting SWF to FLV Mac, you can freely and smoothly share .swf animations on various social networks and video sharing sites. In fact, you can also use it to convert SWF to MP4 Mac too, which is also supported by YouTube. The tool is capable of converting SWF to various file formats including video/audio/image file formats.

Besides, it is able to act as a recorder. If your SWF file happens to be a game and can be played with keyboards or mouse, you can play it during conversion. And the tool will record and convert the whole process. You are able to share a video that shows how well you can play the game to your friends then. Don’t forget to add a personal watermark to it to show your copy right with the tool!

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