Differences Between Regular Light Bulbs And LED Lights

A majority of home owners and business owners in the contemporary world are replacing regular light bulbs with LED lights. This is because they have discovered the myriad benefits they stand to enjoy by installing LED bulbs.

If you are considering replacing the current bulbs in your home or office with LED lights, you need to find out as much as possible about this technology. Without knowing the differences between regular bulbs and LED bulbs, you must be hesitant because of the initial cost that is involved.

Differences Between Regular Light Bulbs And LED Lights

How they Work

Before purchasing LED lights to replace the conventional bulbs, you need to know how they work. LED lights are very tiny semi-conductors that are usually separated by a plastic dome. The plastic casing helps to protect the light emitted from the LED light. In addition, the dome helps to focus the light on a specific area. When it comes to regular bulbs, they use filaments. The filament only reacts when power is applied directly.

When the power is applied, the filament starts to glow red hot which results into light as a by-product. The process is referred to as hot process and it consumes a lot of energy. So, when regular bulbs rely on hot process to produce light, LED lights rely on a cold process. Using LED technology, the light is a by-product of stimulation of electrons in the semi-conductor. What this means is that LED lights use low energy and thus cost-effective. Using LED bulbs, the cost of electricity will significantly decrease.

More Efficient and Long Lasting

LED bulbs are very durable and their life span is approximately 20 years. On the other hand, regular bulbs are not durable. This is so because the filament must remain heated to produce light and when these filaments get too hot for a long time, they just burn out. What this means is that you have to keep replacing your bulbs from time to time. The lack of heat when it comes to LED lights means that they rarely burn out. This makes them last longer and are more efficient. Durability is one of the most attractive features of LED lights. You can imagine staying for more than 20 years without the need to replace a bulb, this is amazing. LED lights will literally serve you and your generations as well.

Differences Between Regular Light Bulbs And LED Lights


LED bulbs are stronger as compared to regular light bulbs. LED lights are resistant to shock while conventional bulbs are not. The way LED bulbs are designed makes them very durable. On the other hand, fluorescent and incandescent bulbs can easily break when banged or knocked. Conventional bulbs are very fragile and if they have to serve you for some time, then you must handle them with care.

Low Power Consumption

Regular light bulbs like incandescent bulbs use so much energy because the filament must always remain heated to produce light. On the other hand, LED bulbs don’t require heating to produce light.  There is no heating that is involved when it comes to LED lights.

It is worth pointing out that LED bulbs don’t emit ultra-violet rays. This makes them a better choice for food galleries and other areas that may be affected by radioactivity.

There are different types of LED bulbs to choose from. The choice depends on your specific needs. You can get these LED lights from both brick and mortar stores and online stores. A majority of shoppers today prefer to do their shopping online because it’s convenient and you can get what you want at very competitive prices.

Before finalizing on your purchase, you should take time and analyze what various retailers are offering the market in terms of quality and price. Though LED lights are costly, get a vendor who is offering them at competitive prices. In today’s world, the internet has revolutionized how businesses are conducted and the completion on the cyberspace is very stiff. Gone are days when you had to travel for long distances to get what you want. Today, you can place an order of products of your choice at the comfort of your home. As long as you know what you want, you will easily get it on the online platform.

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