Celebrities that Enjoy Gambling

Celebrities that Enjoy GamblingIn recent years, casino gaming has experienced considerable growth for a number of different reasons. Casino gaming is quite exciting and provides a certain amount of thrill for players. Online casinos like bwin casino have introduced casino gaming too many people who have never ever played in a land based venue. Players also have a chance to possibly earn large pay-outs which helps fuel their desire for these kinds of games. For an evening out, a casino is a great place to spend your time. In fact, even celebrities have gotten on the bandwagon and also enjoy casino gambling.

Many male celebrities stand out as fans of casino gambling but some people are not aware that the ladies also have made a significant impact as well. Shannon Elizabeth, a famous actress, has also earned a reputation for herself as an astute poker player. While Las Vegas is her preferred city of choice for gambling, she has been known to visit other casinos while traveling the world. Such high regard is held for Elizabeth, that she played a part in designing a poker room.

Celebrities that Enjoy Gambling

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas solicited her input when they added a poker room onto their casino venue. The final result was quite unique and appealing to poker fans. Therefore, other casinos began to replicate the design. The room provided a high degree of privacy in its specifications which is something often craved by celebrities.

High profile figures from the wide world of sports are also known to participate in casino gambling. Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, is known to enjoy gambling during football’s off-season. Controversial baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, is a frequent patron at some casinos. His favorite game to play is poker. He tends to prefer the high stakes poker tables as they provide a higher betting limit for him.

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