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How To Feel Like A Local During Your Stay In Sydney

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Though backpacking from place to place is fantastic, just occasionally you’ll probably want to stay put for a few days during your travels and get to know a place a little bit better.

As Sydney is such a lively and vibrant city, we often find that guests end up staying longer than they first intended and some never want to leave. So if you want to get to know the real Sydney, here’s how to feel like a local during your stay.

Make some Friends

Having some friends to share a beer or a meal which makes all the difference and can really make a strange city feel more like home.

Always take the opportunity to mingle and make friends; it shouldn’t take you too long to find some like-minded souls.

Get a Job

There’s nothing like getting a job to make a city feel like home so if you’ve got a working visa why not stay put for a little while and earn some dosh.

To get you started, we offer a few different job finding services. Every day we update our jobs board with the latest offers and some of the best recruiters in town come to us looking for people just like you.

Get some Insider Tips

Chat to the staff in the hostel where you stay – if they are not locals, they’ll still have lots of information which will be of great use. Ask them for insider tips about bars, restaurants or anything else during your stay, they’re the ones who know the best spots!

Have a Barbie

Once you’ve made some friends and found your favorite local spots, it’s time to really sink your teeth into Aussie life and organize a Barbie.

If you’re staying in a budget hostel in Sydney, there’s going to be someone who has access to a BBQ, or you can head out to one of the many BBQ spots around the city for a great day out.

Make the effort to connect with other travelers and after just a few days of exploring Sydney and its attractions, you’ll feel just like a local, with your very own group of friends, insider knowledge and maybe even a job.

Sydney is the wonderful place in the world and therefore travelers are love to visit and the harbor carnival makes it more attractive for the travelers through out world. When you think to travel Australia then Sydney should be the best choice place to stay more for it bridge and friendly atmosphere.

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