How To Have Fun In Sydney On A Budget

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If you’re like most backpackers, you’ve probably worked hard and saved hard for months in order to afford your trip to Australia. Therefore making sure that your money goes as far as possible is really important.

Thanks to the outdoor lifestyle and great climate, saving money in Sydney is actually pretty easy, all you need is a little bit of insider knowledge and a touch of imagination.


How To Have Fun In Sydney On A Budget

As paying for accommodation will eat up a large part of your budget, finding a good value Sydney hostel is a must.

To make your money go even further, look out for places that offer a few extras. Anything like a free breakfast, free internet and free airport pick up will make your life easier and help to save you valuable dollars.


Like an army, backpackers march on their stomachs so making sure you stay well fed is crucial.

The best way to eat cheaply is to shop at supermarkets and then eat al fresco. Luckily Sydney is full of great picnic spots so you’ll be spoiled for choice for outdoor eating locations.

How To Have Fun In Sydney On A Budget


Though Sydney is packed full of great shows, restaurants, bars and clubs, there’s also a lot that you can do for cheap or even free.

Like with eating, the best way to save money is to head outside. A day on Bondi Beach will cost you virtually nothing or you can head to one of the city’s many parks to relax in the sun.

Definitely keep your eye’s peeled for any free daily walking tours – this way you can take in all of the major sights without spending a penny.


Always pick somewhere that’s centrally located, this way you can walk pretty much everywhere in town, saving you loads on the coast of travel.

Plus, as much of the city’s best nightlife is right on your doorstep, you won’t need to spend extra on taxis when the pubs kick out.

If you’re travelling further afield our travel advice service can help you out with everything from car hire to train tickets, finding you the best deals every time.

Though there are plenty of ways to spend big, Sydney also has loads to offer to those on a tighter budget. So if you want your money to take you as far as possible, this is definitely the city for you.

Maria is a regular traveler and she always has a budget for every tour and she is suggested the readers to have a plan for that and the readers can get lot more information through this articles before planning to visit Sydney.

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