Combining The Colors Of Your Clothes

October 29, 2013 Fashion No Comments

Most women suffer with the initial question of the day: What should I wear? Added to this, a second concern, could it be that it combines and suits me?

Below are some recommendations that will make it easier to dress well, and additionally will achieve add life and color to your wardrobe:

Playing with Color of Skin

For white women bright colors like red, pink, blue, purple, gray, black and dark blue are excellent additions to your natural tone. Women with medium skin tone are benefited with colors like white, mushroom, gold’s and earth tones, finally contrasting tones are brown and highlight your skin tone, they are recommended for brighter tones such as yellows , oranges, greens and light shades like mushroom and white.

Combining The Colors Of Your Clothes

Color and Fun

The Neutral

These are those colors which are also known as colors “wildcard” , they are those who take us out of trouble when we do not know how to combine, and in turn they look good with everything, these are the ubiquitous black, gray, white and dark blue.


White combines well with all the colors, especially the dark, it achieves a higher contrast, and among them is the black, gray and dark blue. , however, should not rule out other colors like blue, green, pink and other bright colors to achieve an excellent complement contrast.

Avoid colors very clear to accompany it fail dull white purity of this color and make it boring, and if we have a slim figure can visually expand the size of our body. The white color is very suitable for tropical environments.

The black

Definitely the most elegant of all, perfectly complements light colors like mushroom and white, perfect for brighter tones like red, pink, purple, and other warm colors like yellow and orange, and discussed for other combinations such as dark blue and coffee, which are inappropriate for some tastes but we see in many outfits of the top brands was notable for being the color “slimming” equality excellence.

Dark Blue

Perfect contrast for dark shades like brown and gray, combines well with colors like white, mushroom and with others such as pink, terracotta, olive green and bright.


This color also has the privilege to combine almost everything, combined with light colors as well as with the dark, perfect for black, white, mushroom, blue, and other colors such as purple and blue in all its ranges, like cobalt blue, indigo and aquamarine imperial. A color according to its tone can favor us the lighter, more volume.


A color hard to match, as well the saying “One who wears yellow, in beauty abides” , for brilliance is recommended to use with colors like brown, dark blue and black, contrasting beautifully with this tone.

No matter the combination, the important thing is to exalt our qualities and that suits our style, we mention that it’s best to avoid combining the prints, but if they do, we must counteract them with contrasting colors and highlight these figures to instead of overloading.

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