How To Credibly Raise Your Twitter Fan Base

One of the leading social internet marketing firms nowadays is Twitter is confronting issues regarding its integrity because most of their users are buying fake followers on the internet. This has left the businesses and individuals exercising this type of marketing being cautious of getting their accounts terminated and fake followers erased.

Is it really wise to purchase Twitter followers? If you agree with this, then how can anyone identify the legitimate followers to a fake one that will ultimately ruin the good reputation of a business firm or the credibility of an individual? By reading this write-up, you will be able to differentiate between the genuine fan base and legitimate Twitter followers from the fake one.

To see if a service provider is really worth your hard-earned money in order to raise your Twitter fan base, you may want to dig a bit deeper into their service delivery putting the following points in consideration:

How To Credibly Raise Your Twitter Fan Base

  • Customer service
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Stability of the fan base
  • Activity of the followers

Customer Service

A credible service provider has a customer service that is effective in catering the needs of the general public. With that, if a service provider fails to answer your inquiries, it possible that they sell deceptive followers which will be removed in a short time which further damages a company or one’s reputation. If you plan to purchase a reliable Twitter fan base you have to look for the ideal providers such as followers boosts, they have an excellent customer service.

Money-back Guarantee

This is the next factor one should look for in a legit company. It is totally obvious that any company featuring dubious services will not give any money-back guarantee particularly on such a controversial service. So any company expressing willingness to refund your money 100% in case you are unsatisfied is the company you should invest further research in.

Stability of the Fan Base

 If you think that a service provider is offering followers which will ultimately vanish the next day, this means fraudulence in their service. You can just determine that if the Twitter fan base is absolutely reliable if they will be able to get involved in any post in your page. Because of this type of consistent presence you have nothing to worry about this company or people, for they will keep on creating a relevant image or credibility.

Activity of Followers

One must bear in mind that followers who lately signed up with Twitter and are non-active for a period of time will make the site’s technical team become suspicious and might lead to deletion or flagging of your accounts. Just for example, you have a growth of followers for around 10,000 overnight that will suddenly fall off to less than 50 followers every day, for sure numerous legitimate followers will become disappointed particularly the Twitter administrators.

Purchasing reliable Twitter followers is perfect for your company or individual image especially when you are starting out. However, you must be mindful when you decide to select this method of internet marketing. Consider losing your company when it just began only because of trying to enhance your image overnight. It is recommended that person purchasing followers should do it in small numbers instead of doing it in bulk so you won’t risk losing them all at once. Also, this sort of growth should be recognized by your present followers.

Buying Targeted Twitter Followers is not just for start-ups and new brands because content is a pillar of selling techniques and it even offers a wider interpretation to brands in the social media. This means that if you would like to establish your business around the world and reach to the most number of individuals you will have to use the best marketing technique; word of mouth.

Word of mouth is a marketing strategy that includes different individuals dealing with the most recent fads in the marketplace. For instance, when you’re a music performer who releases your first video you’ll certainly need more than just your friends to view and like your video because this would be a difficult process of creating a household name among a lot of competitors.

The Tweeter followers and re-tweets are offered with an unbeatable price tag in order to acquire the marketing skill with updated relevant content that you desire so you can lure your followers to becoming your prospective customers.


Another way to determine how to purchase a reliable Tweeter fanbase is by testing the credibility of all your followers either by hand or by utilizing of accessible internet apps. To identify the authenticity of your Tweeter followers manually, you should do the following:

  • Learn how informative the profile is with regards to the description of the person’s employment.
  • Check the follower’s images and avatars to know if they reflect reality. One of the instances of bogus profiles is those beautiful women who are dressed in bikinis.
  • Also check the number of the follower and following and if they are not balanced then this is a sign of either a bogus profile or an inactive account that isn’t helpful in social media marketing.

You can utilize various online programs that are made to examine and determine fake Tweeter followers. Below are the testers that will help you before deciding to purchase Twitter followers.

  1. TweetBlock, is a free application designed to scan your Tweeter account for spam fan base providing a record with a list of the fake profiles to enable you to block or un-follow.
  2. FakersApp, was created by Status People is one other known tool utilized in identifying fake Tweeter followers. To use the application, you connect using your Twitter account and allow the app to scan your followers list. A percentage is then generated by the application revealing the fake, inactive and the real followers.
  3. SocialBakers, is another reliable fake follower checker with an easy to use interface. It offers a search module in which you type your Twitter address and press on the check button for the application to scan your followers providing a survey of the results.

There is no denying that many social network users are very grateful to employ fake followers as a way to create an image in the business, with this matter, followers is here to offer you vital details to separate the nice portion of social media marketing from the liars who are just here to possibly destroy the good ethics of every company.

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