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5 Perfect Décor Ideas for a Holiday Party

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means that you have to begin planning and executing your perfect holiday parties. It’s easy to stick with tradition when it comes to food, but the décor requires a certain level of creativity that doesn’t always come so naturally, especially when a lot of the ideas out there can come across as cheap and inauthentic. Here are some no-fail décor ideas for any holiday party that will be sure to impress everyone who comes through your door.

1. Go natural: Thanksgiving begs for natural decorations such as baskets full of gourds, pumpkins, and tree branch candelabras, which make a statement as a stunning centerpiece. If you love the idea of going natural for Christmas as well, instead of using fake snow (which doesn’t really look like snow), opt for mistletoe twines and yule logs, and sprinkle pine needles and pinecones down your table runner to give a scent to your party as well as a style.

2. Winter Wonderland: This theme can seem overdone, so update it by adding a modern twist. Pearls with diamonds make a great addition to this theme, bringing a wintery touch to a classic white stone. Branches, white lights, and votive candles are a must for this theme.

3. Merry and Bright: Red paper boxes under the tree, pine tree garlands, and a wreath around the door makes this the perfect family Christmas party theme. Choosing an activity to do as a group, like making your own ornaments, will make this a meaningful get together with a great party favor at the end. Don’t forget to light a scented candle or put some cinnamon and rosemary in a pot on the stove to give your home that Christmas smell.

4. Champagne Toast: Winter doesn’t end with Christmas, and parties tend to continue through the New Year. Toast the old and bring in the new with quirky decorations like opaque gold, white, and pink balloons on the wall to mimic champagne bubbles and go all-out with decanters of all shapes and sizes at your bar.

5. Let it snow: Everyone dreams of a perfect snow-themed party, but they can be hard to pull off in a way that looks expensive. The best tip to trick your guests into thinking you broke the bank on your centerpieces? Salt. It looks like snow, and can fill different vases and then filled with your favorite flowers, or if you want to be really authentic, a few bare winter branches.

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