Choosing A Venue For Your Marriage In India

One of the basic things to consider while planning your wedding is the availability of venue for your marriage in India. Deciding on the venue is thus important because it will set the ambiance for the function. These days more and more people are focused on choosing destination weddings or having a theme charted out for their wedding. In destination wedding, the bride and groom travel to their place of choice and get married there. In themed wedding, you can book a hotel or a hall and then set the wedding depending on the theme you want for the function.

Best spots for Destination Marriage in India

Goa, Rajasthan and Udaipur are perhaps the favorite spots for destination marriage in India. Goa is a great option because it offers the best beaches for a beach destination wedding. Rajasthan is perfect, thanks to its lovely palaces and beautiful forts. Udaipur, with its rich cultural heritage, stunning palaces and forts is again a favorite destination for wedding couples. The presence of archaeological sites in these places adds to the excellent ambiance present in these destinations. If you want to make your marriage in India truly special, you can get married in one of these places.

Choosing A Venue For Your Marriage in India

Kerala, Jodhpur and Jaipur are other exotic locations for a destination marriage in India. If you want to know how to conduct weddings in these places, then you can get in touch with a wedding planner who can help you plan it. If you are thinking that conducting weddings in such exotic locales will be a strain on your budget then you are wrong, you can easily plan a Goan wedding or a Kerala wedding without shelling much money.

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Some Interesting Themes you can use for your Marriage in India

In case, you do not want to travel to another state/region, but want to get married in your hometown, then you can easily manipulate the venue to incorporate your theme. It is very popular these days. Have a look at the following examples:

Do you love beaches? If so, you can have a beach wedding without physically going to the beach. You can easily hire a venue that accepts theme-based marriage in India and deck it with all the props that give the impression of a sunrise, sunset or a day-at-a-beach look. You can create a color motif so the whole room gives off the impression of a beach. You can add decorations and accents to the walls, floor and ceilings and add interesting facts about seas and oceans in between to exude a stunning ocean effect. Imagine getting married in a themed-wedding hall like that; the whole day and its events would remain romantic and memorable throughout your lifetime.

Rose-themed weddings are popular too. You can create a garden-like atmosphere for the hall and ‘plant’ different kinds of rose bushes with the help of stationary and other decorations. You can hire an event manager or a wedding planner to research on the different varieties of roses and create a stunning rose-themed venue. It would really stump your guests and awe them.

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