Time To Switch To A Money Clip Card Holder

It may be time to come into the first century and ditch that big fat wad in your back pocket. Not only is it not healthy for you it looks ridiculous. Current fashion states you need to get with the times and invest in a money clip card holder. These stylish and functional new age wallets will keep you organized and help you avoid unnecessary baggage in your pockets.

Time To Switch To A Money Clip Card HolderWhy a wallet?

The modern bi-fold wallet became popularized in the 1950s as a response to the proliferation of credit cards. It was clearly necessary to have a wallet that included slots for credit cards. At this time it became fashionable to have a folding wallet instead of a breast wallet or a long wallet. The folding wallet was better able to be concealed in a back pocket of suit pants. They come in different sizes and some even offer a change pocket. The breast wallet similar to the long wallet in size is used in order to fit the inside pocket of a suit jacket and prevent the folding of bills. In this way a businessman could appear professional with clean, crisp and unfolded bills. However with the increase of casual workplaces the use of the breast wallet has diminished. The long wallet was a conversion of the breast wallet. It usually included a chain, as this wallet was usually kept in the back pocket, but needed securing as it was larger than the pocket itself. This type of wallet is still used by bikers and the punk scene partly as a fashion statement.

Time To Switch To A Money Clip Card Holder

Origins of the wallet

The term wallet originally hails from ancient Greece and is described as something more akin to a pack order to carry provisions. Usually seen as something of the poor classes, in some instances, people would actually eat directly at of the pack. More often than not however it was used as a place to store goods and provisions for carrying. Through the development of currency and business accounting, flat wallets were developed in order to carry currency, coins and ledger accounts for businesses.

Time for a Change

Now that you know the history of the wallet it may be time to take another step forward and change your wallet to a money clip card holder. They are becoming more popular because of aesthetics, fashion, utility, and the health risks posed by large wallets. Money clips are trending in Hollywood movies and more fashionable. Instead of pulling out a bulky wallet to pay for dinner, imagine reaching into your front pocket and retrieving a slim and elegant metallic money clip. This elegant statement will say more about you than a big fat wallet.

Money clip card holders come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Choose from a simple elastic band, a leather billfold, a metal money clip, or a combination leather cardholder and metal money clip. Step into the future by getting rid of the junk in your pockets and keeping only what is necessary in an elegant and modern money clip.

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