The Most Expensive Cologne In The World

For centuries, individuals and organizations across the globe have tried to find the perfect scent, one that can be worn by men to dazzle and attract anyone that passes by. In this quest, magnificent odors have been discovered and quickly captured and patented by the lucky few who discovered them. Of course, these then become highly coveted throughout the world. The following few colognes cost nearly a fortune for their ability to suggest power and allure, all within a single drop.

The Most Expensive Cologne In The World

Ambre Topkapi

Created by expert perfumer Pierre Bourdon, the Ambre Topkapi is known for its ability to blend in with its surroundings as well as its tendency to slowly age, presenting different odors over time. When first applied, it carries strong tones of bergamot and cinnamon, yet eventually fades to reveal fresh notes of lighter spices and wood. Those hoping to score a bottle of this might fear its $610 price tag.


The Most Expensive Cologne In The World

Eau D’Hadrien

This wonderful cologne, made by Annick Goutal, is a brilliant creation that proves to men across the world that a musky scent isn’t the only option available. With a citrus base, the Eau D’Hadrien cologne has strong hints of ripened fruit and includes notes of cypress, thanks to the creator’s love of the Tuscan region in Italy. A single bottle of this famous perfume generally costs $1,500.


The Most Expensive Cologne In The WorldCaron’s Poivre

This brilliant fragrance is one of the most mysterious and controversial colognes to hit the world market. Originally created in 1954, it was never intended for specific use by men or women, and was marketed as a unisex fragrance that could be worn by either. Of course, this caused quite a stir, as well as long debates, over the true intention of the scent; many believe that it simply comes down to the body chemistry between the user and the fragrance. To this day though, it graces the noses of people across the world with its blazing notes of spice, pepper, and flowers, and costs $2,000 per bottle.



Clive Christian No. 1 Pure Perfume for Men

The Most Expensive Cologne In The WorldKnown for creating some of the most expensive and popular colognes and perfumes in the world, Clive Christian reaches the top of this list with his No. 1 Pure Perfume for Men, a sensational achievement that shines in both its ingredients as well as the presentation within each bottle.

Made from some of the rarest perfume ingredients in the world, this cologne has a highly distinguished scent. Beyond that though, each bottle is made from crystal, with the neck fashioned from gold. Every bottle also contains a five-karat diamond lying within the inset.

Naturally, those wishing to feel like royalty when they wear this perfume will need to account for its astronomical cost: $2,350 per bottle.

The Most Expensive Scents in the World

The perfume and cologne industry is one of the oldest and most profitable in the world. For those looking to make a strong impression, the above fragrances, while costly, are sure to instill awe and wonder within everyone in range.


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