Skincare Essentials During Winter

One of the major problems during winter is dry skin. Due to the wind and air outside of the house creams, moisturizers, lotions and lip balms are in great demand. But we use them only for short period only for the problems like dry skin, peeling of skin and cuts on lips. Hence these require extra care. There are many other essentials that we discuss one by one.

Itching due to too much of Dry Skin

Dry skin will automatically leads to itching. The human skin is different in different ages. During childhood the skin will more thin and in the middle age the skin will be thick and during the old age the skin becomes more elastic or lose. Hence this itching process will occur only in the middle and in the childhood days. Some people will suffer a lot from itching in the winter season. So, those people who scratch the skin every now and then, then for those people the skin will get more damaged. It may even lead to infection when the skin is exposed to air due to the viruses present in the air.

Skincare Essentials During Winter

The most found and commonly found skin infection is the bacterial infection or scientifically called as the staphylococcal. If this infection is not treated early or not noticed in the early days then this virus will spread to the deeper layers of the skin which will ultimately lead to swelling and becomes red in the infected area. It is mostly found on the legs and there may be severe pain in the affected area. People may even suffer from fever until the disease lasts long. It is stated by some of the famous physicians and doctors that when the particular area of the skin either swollen or becomes red then it must be surely treated with antibiotics.

During winter season people must use gentle soaps because the skin gets cracked due the cool breeze. If not, if you use a highly concentrated soap then the chemicals present in the soap will show severe reactions on your skin especially during winter. So, people who are allergic to those type of soaps must use the soaps which consists of little chemicals present in them. In the winter season people must wash their face properly early in the morning and while going to bed, but not only washing but also should apply moisturizers. In the same way people who have sensitive skin should cover their face with a blanket so that to various avoid infections.

Take Head bath to maintain Clean Scalp and avoid Dandruff

It is observed that the problem of dandruff increases during winter season. Some of the famous doctors and physicians stated that the problem of dandruff increases in winter only when the micro-organisms which are present in the scalp are disturbed by the external environment. In winter season the cool breeze brings the dust particles and the pollutants which stay in a particular place in the environment for a long period of time. Hence most of the people notice that the problem of dandruff increases during winter. If people who suffer with dandruff during winter and if they ignore this problem then they will surely suffer from severe itching on the scalp.

Skincare Essentials During Winter

The only way to maintain dandruff free is that wash your head once in two days and also make sure that your scalp is clean dry and the people who have the habit of going out by applying oil to hair should avoid this at any cost. It is also said that the ratio of women and men suffering from dandruff is the same. But if people do not take proper care regarding then they should be kept under medication.

Tips to over come Dry Skin

  • Make sure that you should not take long baths during winter season because it will remove the oil present in the pores.
  • People should not use very hot water for bathing.
  • It is far better to use mild soap or a gentle soap which contains less chemicals and concentration of pH level 5.5.
  • Not only just using soaps for bathing but also use other substitutes like cleansing milk or shower gels.
  • It is better for your skin to use bath oils either after bathing or while bathing.
  • Do not rub your body thoroughly with your rough towel. Make sure that you avoid this during winter.
  • Apply creams such as lubricating or ointments after shower to the entire body.

Skincare Essentials During Winter

Maintaining Healthy Skin during Winter

 Whether it is a winter or a summer season pollution is common in any season. Due to pollution the skin automatically gets damaged due to the various pollutants present in the air. As we usually wash over face after coming from the place we work or from the busy traffic. But all the soaps or the routine cleansing may not perform well to remove the dust which resides beyond the skin’s surface and may not repair the damaged skin which is exposed to sunlight. Even some of the wrong techniques for cleaning and the products which the skin does not support will further damage the skin. Here are some simple skincare regimen methods which will make your skin glow and retain the youthfulness of the skin such as soft, fresh and clean. In skincare regimen method, it opens the pores and cleans all the pores deeply. To say frankly, a natural cleansing agent will gently cleans the skin without stripping the skin whereas a good cleanser will gently cleans the skin without clogging the pores.

How to apply a cleanser?

It is as simple as applying soap. First gently wash your face and apply the cleanser to the face and the neck and massage it with your fingers gently. As soon as it gets dries, wash the cleanser neatly ans then apply the toner which brings back the pores to normal size and then it will improve the skin’s PH balance. This toner will also make the skin’s ability to control oil throughout the day and prepares the skin for moisture. You can apply toner with wet cotton pad and add it to your face and neck followed by the application of the moisturizer.

Skincare Essentials During Winter


This moisturizer helps the skin to prevent the skin from getting dried or prevent it form becoming more oily. This moisturizer acts as a shield and protects us from ultra violet rays. The best moisturizer contains Hydro Lipid Matrix, an Anti-Oxidant and SPF 15 which temporarily moisturizes the skin.

Tips to maintain Healthy skin during Winter

  • Wear the clothes which covers the entire body such as long sleeves, coats and sweaters.
  • Use good miniaturization creams for the skin so that to prevent form infections.
  • It is even better to take supplements which contains vitamins and Omega3 fatty acids.
  • Use a mild cleanser while bathing.

Skincare Essentials During Winter

Nutrition Advice

It is better to to have fruits and vegetables which contains more water such as water melons, cucumber, leafy and green vegetables, citrus fruits such as orange and lemon. Fruits which are rich in vitamin E such as nuts and dry fruits along with food products which are rich in protein such as soya and grams are also more useful for skin during winter.

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