Stunning Eye Shadow Tips

How to Achieve the Smokey Eye Look

A smokey eye shadow look is dramatic, entrancing, and never goes out of style. The best part is that although it is such a coveted look, anyone can do it with a little bit of practice. You will need a dark, medium, and light shadow color of similar hues: blacks and grays are used for the classic smokey eye, but you may use any color of your choice! You will also need a highlight shadow color — such as a white or cream — a flat shadow brush, a fluffy shadow brush, an angled shadow brush, and an eye shadow primer (you may use a cream foundation if you do not own a primer).

The first step is to spread a thin layer of your eye shadow primer across your eyelids, up to your eyebrows, and along your eyelash lines. This step is optional, but it gives your eye shadow a base to adhere to, making the colors more vibrant and letting the effect last longer.

Stunning Eye Shadow Tips

Next, use your flat shadow brush to spread the light color across your eyelids and up into the natural crease of your eyes. After you have done this, use your fluffy shadow brush to lightly blend this out. Then use that same fluffy brush to lightly sweep the medium color just above your natural crease. Lightly sweep this same medium color along your bottom lash lines using the edge of your flat shadow brush. To add to the dramatic effect of the smokey eye, use your angled shadow brush to line your upper and lower lash lines with the darkest eye shadow color. To make your eyes really pop, use your finger and dab a touch of the highlight color on the skin around your inner eye ducts and along the bottom edges of your eyebrows.

Run a few coats of mascara through your eyelashes and you are finished!

A Natural, Everyday Eye Look

Eye shadow is not just for special occasions, but can be used every day as well. It can be used sparingly to highlight your prettiest features, making it perfect in a professional environment. To achieve the following natural eye shadow look, you will need a shimmery champagne-colored eye shadow, a light matte brown eye shadow, a medium brown eye shadow, a fluffy eye shadow brush, and a pencil eye shadow brush.

To start, use the fluffy eye shadow brush to lightly spread the champagne-colored eye shadow across your eyelids, up to your natural eye crease, around your inner tear ducts, and just underneath your eyebrow. Next, wipe the color off the fluffy brush, and then use it to blend the light matte brown just above your natural crease to subtly define your eye. To make your eyes stand out but still look natural, use the pencil brush to blend the medium brown into your upper and lower lash lines. Add mascara to complete your naturally beautiful eye shadow look!

Accentuate Your Eye Color

Incorporate a hint of color into your routine to make your eyes pop! Try using a shadow that contrasts with your eyes to make them stand out. For brown eyes, try a navy blue or a green. If you have blue eyes, bronzes and golds look gorgeous. For those with green or hazel eyes, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your eyes look with a touch of purple or burgundy!

This article was written by fashionista Briar McLachaln.  She is happy to share these eye shadow tips to keep you looking your best.  She also recommends stay stylish with dresses for every occasion to match your gorgeous eyes!

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