5 Must-Have Accessories To Make You A Fashion Icon This Season

“I just have too many purses” said no woman ever. Well, maybe when she needed to store them safely or having to pick one for a certain occasion. But facing the truth, we love our accessories just as much as we love our shoes and pretty dresses and if you ever meant to follow a strict fashion diet and refrain yourself from not buying another piece of jewelry, another bag or another hat, you will have to fight temptation this season more than ever, as there are countless trendy and chic accessories out there to make your heart jump. Not wanting to interfere in anybody’s shopaholic tendencies and rehab plans, let’s see what fashion brought us this season in terms of accessories.

5 Must-Have Accessories To Make You A Fashion Icon This Season

1. The Handmade Textile Wallet Purse

If you were thinking tote bags in snake skin or animal print were the only highlights of the season, think again. You sometimes need just a little floral wallet purse to make your casual denim wear look striking and in this department, Reef bags just got even more exciting. You can go for the long leather strap during the day or a fancy nigh-out dress-up by removing the strap and turn the wallet purse into a small size clutch. The possibilities are endless and a hint of folk and floral is just what this winter needs to lift up our spirit.

2. Golden Necklaces

Once considered pieces of jewelry restricted only to those who are in for luxury fashion or bound to special glam and glitter occasions, now golden necklaces, although not completely affordable, look less royal and more street-wearable. Some of them have a chunky aspect, others a more ghetto-chic feel to them, while others enter the statement department, showing off words like love and peace or the wearer’s name. Lanvin made a riot with their Love golden necklaces and they seem to show up more and more in fashion shows and in the streets.

3. Anything Furry

Glamour Magazine listed this trend as one of the season’s must-haves and they don’t mean just furry bags or furry shoes. You can have stylish cocktail party furry pom-poms, furry earrings, furry scarves and we don’t mean it as they would be manufactured out of actual fur, but we mean it as a fluffy fuzzy style. It is comforting, cute and funny and even if some designers went quite far with label fur luxurious purses, you can wear your patch of rainbow-like fuzziness on almost any type of accessory.

4. Nothing Says Classy More Than Tartan

Now you may have already seen the tartan chic trench coats of this season, but as fashion designers are concerned, a little bit of tartan in small doses doesn’t hurt the accessories either. You can have tartan tote bags or small, fun street backpacks, tartan bows on ballerina flats, tartan handmade broaches or tartan scarves. Apparently, Stella McCartney is the mastermind behind this trend, but you’ll see several other designers in love with the idea.

5. Beads, Stones, Crystals and Everything with a Shine

Statement jewelry with embedded stones and shiny applications are not newcomers of this season’s trends, as you may have seen already chandelier earrings, statement necklaces Sophia Vergara style and even baseball caps adorned with shiny stones, J. Crew’s token of appreciation to the ladies really wanting to make a fashion statement.

For this season, if you already have the shoes, boots and coats to wear, you can also think about Reed Krakoff’s suggestion of dressing up and matching up everything in only one color of your seasonal choice, as dark red wine or cobalt blue.

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