Tips For Choosing Port Mcquarie Accommodation

An amazing land indeed! Australia will surprise you with its vastness. The country is so diverse that you will experience new cultural ethics in different states. However, you will find similar rules and regulations and similar dialects throughout the country.

Port Macquarie is one such place where you can test your adventure instincts to its limit. A range of activities can be tried at Port Macquarie. You can opt for trying the Freefall Skypers which are located at the airport. Those with an adventure streak can try their hands at Karting on the Pacific Parkway. Alternatively, you can opt for a ride on the Portjet Wild Thing on Short Street. Portjet is one of Australia’s fastest jet boat and the ride on the same can prove to be a lifetime experience.

Range of Camping Vacations to Choose From

Port Macquarie offers a lot to those who seek adventure. If you are thinking of camping in the wild, kangaroo camping can prove to be your best bet.

Kangaroo Camping

A guided camping tour, Kangaroo Camping will help you explore Port Macquarie.

  • If you do not wish to buy your own purchase your own equipment, you can get in touch with Kangaroo Camping.
  • The Camping unit provides facilities similar to a luxurious hotel.
  • The company can provide you with sporting gear including fishing rods, kayaks and snorkels.

Tips For Choosing Port Mcquarie Accommodation

The hotels in Port Macquarie as well as the apartments in Port Macquarie are well equipped to help you explore the pristine ambiance of the region. They not only provide you a base to plan an adventure trek but in case you extend your visit by a few days, you will be able to discover many new things.

Port Macquarie has numerous uncrowned beaches where you can explore the marine life of the region. A range of restaurants offer delicious local cuisine and in case you are a foodie, a visit to the region will give you an opportunity to explore and taste the delicious cuisine of Port Macquarie. The local cuisine has managed to create a unique name for itself in Australia.

The adventurous lot can visit the numerous National Parks, forests and the private beaches. Coastal walks, surfing, sail boarding, snorkelling, fishing, whale watching and horse riding are some of the other activities that can be tried in Port Macquarie.

Port Macquarie is known for its extensive beaches and beautiful waterways and tourists from all over the region head over the place to explore its numerous aspects. A range of accommodation options are available in Port Macquarie and once you visit the region, it is only a matter of time before you will come over to the place again.

The region has numerous beaches and golf links and if you love to splurge a while when on vacations, Port Macquarie can be your best bet.


Port Macquarie is located midway between Sydney and Brisbane. The place is just off the Pacific Highway on the NSW Mid North Coast near Hasting River.

Keep all the above pointers in mind and accordingly choose your Mcquarie accommodation, which will suit your needs and budget.

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