Top 5 Landing Pages And Website Trends For 2014

December 5, 2013 Web Design No Comments

With the year 2013 drawing to an end, it has been observed that there were some major developments in the online marketing sector. This has led to several important predictions for the next year. Some of them are as follows:

Less Content, More Content

Like other things in marketing, content and style trends keep going in and out of fashion. There should be no confusion on the difference between ‘content’ and ‘content marketing’. While content marketing is the practice of communicating with the client and sharing information in order to sell services, the ‘content’ mentioned here refers to the textual content and website style found on websites and landing pages. In past years, there was a huge emphasis on website content and landing page design and development, that teams would structure the text around the businesses service or product. The aim was to teach the client the most to enhance conversions. Now however, researchers urge to keep the style simple and very succinct. The emphasis is on bullets and arranging text so that the landing page design and development appears organized and easy to read rather than the reader having to wade through masses of text. Yet this is balanced with the huge content push to gain Google rankings due to its push for ‘authoritative’ websites.

Top 5 Landing Pages And Website Trends For 2014

Image Based Landing Page Design and Development

Studies say that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information. This alone speaks volumes about what the online marketing trends are headed for. As mentioned before, textual content for landing page design and development is already being curbed. This trend is being replaced stealthily by graphical representations. Already, several successful landing pages have attributed their conversion to image-based displays, clear call-to-actions and precise, attractive content. Thus in the new year website design and development need to be attractively structured and peppered with relevant, high quality image representations, one of which needs to be directly below the main headline.

Going for a Mobile Friendly Landing Page Design and Development

Astounding statistics are given by Forbes and other analysts regarding the predicted sales of Smartphone’s and tablets in the year to come. If this comes to be true, a huge chunk of internet surfing will be done through mobile phones only. Landing page design and development agencies need to be cautioned here: mobile oriented or responsive landing pages need to be one of their utmost priorities for projects next year.

Video Based Campaigns

With the popularity of YouTube, other video hosting sites and with sites such as Instagram lending a leg to video marketing campaigns, there is ample proof that videos have already secured a favorable position in online marketing campaigns. It’s a no-brainer to say that landing page design and development will do wonderfully if it features videos. As per the latest predictions for 2014, videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.

Interactive Infographics

It seems as if the year 2014 will be a completely image-centric one. Researchers have yet again emphasized the need to have visual content and alluring graphical displays. Indeed, it is predicted that interactive infographics will cause notable traffic increases to landing pages as compared to plain textual ones. Interactive infographics let users participate in the mechanics of the page and apart from being visually pleasing, can focus explicitly on the call to action. The landing page design and development teams certainly need to keep this tip in mind for the year to come.

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