Gadgets That Make Your Flight Better

If you’ve ever taken a trip on a plane, then you probably know that traveling can be quite the headache. Long lines, stress over checking in, unpacking your bag during security…and that’s before you’re even on the plane! Once you do finally make it to your seat, there’s a chance you’ll have to deal with turbulence, crying babies, or people listening to music without headphones. In order to calm down and get comfortable, here are a few in-flight gadgets you should consider bringing on your next getaway:

Noise Canceling Headsets

The baby next to you is screaming, the couple next to you is fighting, the man behind you is talking way too loudly, and you can’t hear a thing. Say hello to noise canceling headsets, brought to you by Bose. Lauded as the number one traveling product from 2006, this headset will ensure that you have a quiet flight. Who knows, maybe you’ll even squeeze in a quick nap.

Gadgets That Make Your Flight Better

A Music Player

Take your pick: iPod, cell phone, mp3 player, whatever. The brand doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you’re able to relax to some of your favorite tunes. Close your eyes and put some music on to fall asleep, or rock out to stay entertained throughout the flight. When all you want is to be left alone in your own world, you’ll be thrilled that you chose to bring along the music that you connect with best.

Your Laptop

If you’re traveling for work, then there’s a good chance you’re a busy bee with no time to waste. Why not make the most of your in flight time by catching up on some emails, or finishing up those spreadsheets you’ve been working on? If you don’t have work to do, use the in-flight wifi to double check your hotel, car, or dinner reservations to make sure that it’s smooth sailing as soon as your plane touches down. If you’re caught up on all that, use your laptop to send a sweet note to a loved one back home, or consider popping in a favorite DVD.

Your E-Reader

Whether you prefer the Nook, Kindle, or Apple E-books for the iPad, having an electronic book with you while you’re flying is ideal. Unlike a regular book, electronic books can store thousands of novels at once, and even have magazines or academic journals on them. They’re also lightweight and small, so they fit easily in a purse, briefcase, travel bag, or backpack.

As an added bonus, most E-readers also hold games, like scrabble, sudoku, minesweeper, and crossword puzzles. If you get tired of reading and want a fun but mindless activity, load your reader with games prior to your flight, and then test your competition skills while you’re in the air.

Before using any of your gadgets, make sure you check with your airline’s protocols concerning using electronics in flight. Most airlines now allow laptops, iPads, and even cell phones to be used during the flight.


Mitch Bridges is a freelance writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Frequent travelers carrying their Bluetooth keyboards with them should check out the kensington ipad keyboard case from to supplement their item.

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