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3 Uncommonly Perfect Things To Do In Patagonia

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When most people consider vacation destinations, they think about going on a cruise, heading to Saint Thomas or The Bahamas, or some other similar tropical location.  They’re completely missing out!  Sure, it’s fine if you want to see the same thing over and over again. But if you’re looking for something new and equally amazing, consider a Patagonia vacation destination.   Patagonia is the region of South America shared by Argentina and Chile, going from the southernmost part of the Andes Mountains down to the tip of Argentina.  Perhaps most famous for its mountains, there’s a lot to see in this area of the world. Here are the three best places to see while you’re there.

Puerto Deseado

“Port Desire” was named for the vessel of 16th century explorer Thomas Cavendish as he navigated through the estuary around the Río Deseado.  The town itself is a quaint sea town with a whole lot of historical character.  It’s not the most modern of places to visit in Argentina, but its picturesque seafaring beauty takes you to a place and time most of us only experience in books.   Check out the different kinds of marine wildlife when you’re here, and if fishing is your thing try a deep sea trip to tickle your fancy.  How many of your friends can say they caught anything in Argentina?

Parque Nacional De Los Glaciares

Have you ever seen a forest of glaciers?  Not too many folks have, and that’s part of the magic of Los Glaciares.  A portion of the southern Andes are under snow and ice, and the glaciers that form this amazing park are shared by both Argentina and Chile.  There are 47 large glaciers and more than 200 smaller ones to see when you visit the part.   As a result of some of the thaw, three large lakes were formed over time, two of which are part of the national park.  Lago Argentino is a top-notch spot in Patagonia for great wildlife, including some fantastic freshwater fishing.

Puerto Madryn

More towards the middle of the Argentine coastline, Puerto Madryn is well known for Tombo Point, where visitors can be enchanted by the penguin colonies that live there.  In addition to the penguins, a well-planned visit to Pirámides will get you incredible views of whales cresting in the Atlantic Ocean.  A truly majestic experience waits for you here.   It was founded in 1865 by immigrants from Wales and named for the estate of Sir Love Jones-Parry, who funded the immigration expedition to see if it was a suitable place for settlement.


Perhaps mostly known for its Tierra del Fuego region, there are these other areas to consider for your Patagonia vacation planning.  Hopefully you see the great natural beauty that can be found off the beaten path, away from the standard island resorts in the Caribbean.  You can still find resorts in the area, if that’s your thing, but the gorgeous landscapes, amazing wildlife, and Argentinian culture can’t be matched for vacationers who love adventure.  If you love the outdoors, you’ll love these points on our globe!

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