Top 5 Free Domain Valuation Tools

There are free domain evaluation or appraisal tools that can get your work done. They have high functionality and they combine different algorithms and consider different factors in the evaluation process. Here is a list of the top five domain appraisal tools. They offer services that suite webmasters and domainers.

This is a free domain valuation tool that gives you a domain appraisal textbox once you visit the site. They also give you data about the traffic to your site although this is not considered in the valuation process. does not evaluate websites or businesses but only domain names. This is an instant domain appraisal that will give you results within seconds. It bases the domain appraisal on the matrices of the domain. This tool also enables you to check the trademark. You can also sell the domain through this site.

Top 5 Free Domain Valuation Tools

Instica provides free domain value estimates along with the world’s first crowd domain appraisal platform. Instimate, Instica’s estimator calculates domain worth and domain valuation using cutting-edge technology along with world-class analytics. In addition, Instica maintains a domain database, Instibase, and a domaining news syndication covering the latest topics from across the domaining industry. Just add your domains to Instica Insight and get free accurate domain appraisals from domaining experts from across the globe.

This is a free domain appraisal and also a domain productivity tools. Apart from being a domain valuation tool, it is also a great market place for domains. It is a large engine that delivers quality results.

Domain appraisal can be important when it comes to selling of your domain. It can be used during negotiations with the potential buyer. offers quality and professional domain appraisal that saves money. They offer the same services as the premium domain appraisal. They will give you a comprehensive report so that you know how much your domain is worth. There are times you can sell a very high valued domain cheaply because you did not know its value.  Domains are very important assets and in some countries they attract taxation. This means that it is important to know how much your domain is worth.

This is another tool that offers domain appraisal not only for single domains but also for mass domains. It can deal with over 100 TLD domains and it has several tools that are suitable for the public, webmasters and domainers.

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