Different Sea Kayaking Whitsundays Opportunities Available

Whitsundays kayaking is quickly gaining popularity and this is mostly due to the great weather in the area and the wonderful landscapes that are available in most accessible locations. In most situations you can combine kayaking with snorkeling in order to basically be able to enjoy the underwater world together with the outside world but that is something that is subjective.

The Whitsunday Islands are basically made out of over 70 islands. This gives access to highly accessible and breathtaking paddling. There are many different exploration adventures that you can enjoy, taking you to isolated inlets, bays, coves and beaches. What is great is that there are various encounters that you will have along the way. It is quite common to see dolphins, whales and turtles. However, this depends a lot on when you plan to use your Whitsundays kayak.

Kayaking Whitsundays Opportunities

Main Types Of Available Tours

There are basically three types of Whitsundays kayaking options that you can choose from:

1. Guided Half Day Kayak Tours

These are usually tailored to be accessible for both experienced kayakers and beginners. The emphasis of such a trip is normally put on enjoyment and fun. Most of the tours will depart from Shute Harbour but there are also other starting points that you might want to consider.

Shute Harbour is usually recommended due to the fact that here you can find incredible bird and marine life, including the soaring eagles and giant sea turtles. Try to visit between July and September for the opportunity of viewing humpback whales. White Rock is great to finish your tour in this case since you can go for a swim or just snorkel.

Choose such tours when you just want to relax and view the majestic Whitsundays landscapes. You will surely love what you see and kayaking is not at all difficult.

2. Guided Full Day Kayak Tours

This is an option that is usually great for small paddler groups that are more experienced. You can start from various points and you can accommodate different activities in your trip. If you are particularly energetic, you can always consider the Mount Jeffries walking track, which is definitely wonderful and has great views of Hamilton Island, Conway State Forest and other regions in Whitsunday Islands.

3. Kayaking Through Sailing Packages

These are quickly gaining popularity at the moment due to the commodity that is offered. People that travel to the Whitsunday Islands can start a sailing trip that includes a Whitsundays kayaking half day tour of specific areas of interested. You can book kayak Whitsundays with whitsundayssailingadventures.com.au and similar travel operators.

In the event that you will opt for such a tour, make sure that you choose a sailing Whitsunday package that also includes scuba diving. That is due to the fact that it would be a shame not to experience that. At least go for snorkeling if you do not go for scuba diving. At the same time, remember that you want to take a look at the overall itinerary and boating conditions to make sure that your trip would be enjoyable.

Sea Kayaking Whitsundays Tips For A Wonderful Vacation

No matter what option you want to experience, take all the time that you need to basically plan your trip properly. One of the worst things that you could do is to hurry since there are literally dozens of different options that are currently available. Take all the time that you need in order to learn what past tourists say about the package you consider. This will give you access to a lot of extra information that you can use to your advantage.

When you book ahead, the travel agencies are really happy since they are sure that they will have clients on that date. This is especially true during the off season, when you have access to highly profitable discounts. However, in this case you need to be a little weary of rains. The best possible experience is available during the on-season but you have to consider the other option too in the event that your budget is lower.

One more thing that we should highlight is that it is important what travel agency you work with. Some simply have better Whitsundays kayaking packages that you gain access to. You can learn a lot about a particular travel agency or tour provider by visiting websites like Trip Advisor, sites that allow guests to write comments.

In conclusion, you can so easily have a wonderful kayaking experience in the Whitsunday Islands, one that you would love. However, the best possible option is to basically learn all that you can about both the package and the tour operator/travel agency. That is what you need to do in order to gain access to the really affordable deals and to have that wonderful vacation that you will love.

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