Holiday Marketing Techniques for Law Firms

The holidays are an excellent opportunity for attorneys to rededicate themselves to cultivating referrals for the year ahead. People contact loved ones and friends during the holidays. Sending holiday greetings a potentialclient’sway, lets them know you have been thinking about them and that you view them as a friend to your law firm. Some marketing techniques you can follow during the holidays include gift giving, and keeping in touch. First you must get your contacts thinking referral. Do not assume your contacts are thinking about referrals for you. Let them know your practice relies on referrals and that you would appreciate them passing your name along.

Gift Giving

Holiday Marketing Techniques for Law Firms

Reward – Within the next couple of days, send your referral source a small gift of appreciation like a gift card to Starbucks or gift basket.

Reward and Recognize – Once the referral becomes a new client, send a level 2 gift to your referral source. A level 2 gift should be something your referral source will really value. However, be aware of dollar amount gift limits your referrals are able to accept. Be sure to also include a personal note that tells your referral source the positive outcome of their recognition.

Keeping In Touch

Immediate appreciation and staying on the top of their mind – When you are referred by a contact call or send a thank you note the very same day. Even when your referral sources haven’t referred, stay on the top of their mind. Send a note to your contacts one to two times a year thanking them for past and future referrals. The holidays will provide you with the perfect opportunity to get back in touch.

Recognition – When you have successfully scheduled a meeting with the potential client, email your referral source to let them know you have scheduled that meeting and that you will update them again.

As you can see, there are many techniques for marketing your law firm. By sending a gift or a holiday card shows you are thinking of them and anticipating their business. People love to be recognized and there is no better time than the holidays to show recognition. Even to send a little a note or a courtesy call their way to say happy holidays and let them know you are thinking of them, is a great way to remind a possible referral that your law firm is there.

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