The 4 Trends That Are Sweeping The Nation This Time Of Year

It’s time to put away your shorts and tank tops and get out your winter wardrobe. The wintertime is a great opportunity to get new clothing and completely change your style. If you are looking for something new, here are four trends that are sweeping the nation this time of year.


The 4 Trends That Are Sweeping The Nation This Time Of Year

Scarves function for multiple purposes. Sure, they keep your neck warm during snowy days or days with minus-zero temperatures. However, they also can look great and compliment any outfit that you may be wearing. For a casual look, wrap a scarf around your neck a few times. But when wearing a long coat, let that scarf hang and it should reach your hips. Scarves are a great addition for any outfit.


There are hardly any items in your closet that will be as warm and comfortable as cashmere. And lucky for you, cashmere scarves are extremely popular during the wintertime. They will keep you warm when it’s chilly out, but can also look great for a variety of functions. You can wear cashmere during a lazy weekend day, or out with your friends after work.


This has been a style for some time, but we have seen a more popular approach in blazers across the nation. It has been seen in both men and women in all settings. This can be worn in a casual setting for everyday use ore it can be used in a more formal occasion. To make the best use of this trend make sure you have a blazer that can be used for both, so it is a neutral color that could go either way. For the formal use you can combine it with a button up and combine it with a skinny tie. If it is a more casual approach you can even combine it with a nice piece of designer shirt that can be found here

Skinny Jeans & Boots

This trend started in Europe and is making a push towards America. The highlight of this trend are high boots that you leave untied and tuck your pants into. The colors can differ, depending on the rest of the outfit you are wearing. As for the jeans, they don’t have too be constricting-skinny. Instead, make sure that they are just skinny enough to highlight your legs and tuck into your shoes. You can find great looking jeans online for great deals!


No matter what type of outfit you are wearing, complete it with the right accessories. For some, earrings or a necklace might be the best choice. But a really hot trend this year are anchor bracelets that wrap around your wrist multiple times. Watches are also in style during the wintertime, as they look very classy at formal work Christmas parties.

You can use the wintertime to bring out a whole new you. With just a few additions from this list, you can create a complete outfit that will look great and keep you comfortable as well. Be sure that you have any of these items within reach, whether you are going to work, to hang out with your friends, or simply taking an easy day with someone special.

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