Teaching Yourself An Instrument Vs Having Lessons

As far as learning an instrument goes, many will initially teach themselves the basics as opposed to having lessons with a professional teacher! Of course this all depends on what instrument it is and how easy it is to teach yourself but as a general rule, you’ll pick up a number of bad habits and we would always suggest you at least have a couple of lessons with a professional teacher to get you started and ensure you’re going down the right track! With this in mind, however, we’ve teamed up with Essex based music teachers, AT Music Group, to take a look at just what the advantages of having even a short series of lessons are!

First things first, if you’re looking to learn an instrument, there’s an awful lot you can gain from having professional lessons! In the first instance, you can be confident that you’re learning with the right technique and approach! Whilst it may seem obvious…having the right technique can make playing so much easier and you’ll find yourself progressing far quicker than if you have a poor, self-taught technique! It doesn’t have to take too many lessons to pick up basis techniques and an understanding as to the rights and wrongs of your chosen instrument. It’s well worth it and you’ll be glad in the long run when you’ve picked up a perfect technique!

Secondly, having lessons will progress you quicker than teaching yourself simply because you’ve got a wealth of positive encouragement from your teacher. When you teach yourself, you’ll find yourself giving up and taking time out at the first hurdle but when you’re working with a teacher, they’re there to encourage you and reassure you that you’re doing well and progressing at a great rate! They’re there to help you improve as quickly as possible and play to the best of your ability and, again…in the long run, you’ll be glad you opted for lessons as opposed to teaching yourself!

All in all, having music lessons comes strongly recommended and you’ll certainly find that you pick up your chosen instrument far quicker and find playing so much more enjoyable!

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