Knowing Your Online Customers- Crucial To The Growth Of Your Online Business

You might get a very general reply on asking most of the online merchants about whether they really know their online shoppers or customers well. This is common but alarming in a time when it’s all about knowing your prospects better with each growing day and every rising product or service in the industry. A lot of them may only be able to identify or describe their customers based on their age, income and gender. The idea is to find out how and when the customers make the purchasing decisions and what factors affect the same!

Since the process of making purchases is getting more complex with customers having access to several online portals, luring your target audience to your brand is becoming all the more difficult in the present scenario. Different people have different needs but aiming at services and products that can help them achieve most with little fuss is much desired. Idea is also to understand the ‘how’ involved which straight away connects with the process of purchase.

Knowing Your Online Customers- Crucial To The Growth Of Your Online Business

Customers these days have access to smartphones, androids and they also have the option to reach to the grocery store online through their personal computers. Hence the detailed analysis needs to be considered for understanding their choices and preferences better and the reasons that hold the same.

How to understand the Customer better?

It’s not only about the demographics; you should also focus on fetching benefits by extracting their personal details.

  • Daily activities
  • Hobbies/interests
  • Affiliation relating to politics

All this information can be extracted with the help of personal communication. Now when you are looking to acquire this data, know that it is not an easy job. However, you can be assisted with the help of databases. The details that you get from here are going to serve as crucial aids contributing to the promotion of the products that are good to keep the interest going.

What the Customers need to know?

It is extremely vital for your customers to know all the ins and the outs of the product. They have the right to get answers on a few crucial concerns such as:

  • How the products look like?
  • What is their function?
  • What are the colours and the sizes available?
  • Is the discount available?
  • What is the warranty period?
  • How the purchase is to be made and what is the procedure involved?
  • What is the cost?

Most of the information that the customers want to get is in the initial phase right at the start of their online experience. Unfortunately, this is the time they decide whether they are willing to flock to some other brand for availing nearly the same services.

The three C’s that come into picture while making the purchase on your website or even before flocking onto some other brand are:

  • Channels
  • Choice
  • Convenience

How Customers Learn about the Services or the Products?

Product research is an important aspect of the overall judgement.  eCommerce companies like Safety-Steps, Luvocracy, Zumper, BeerGram etc You will need to analyse and understand the research strategies of the customers. There are various factors that can affect the overall research process and some of them are listed below:

  • Research regarding the product can be made by looking at the pictures, videos or by reading the description
  • Looking for other services, brands and alternative products can also do the needful
  • Events can also help in triggering a good deal of interest in the product or the service
  • Reviews or testimonials on the page can also make a difference
  • Sales and discounts are good enough to lure the target audience
  • Instinctive and impulsive buying can also affect the overall scenario

Customers also make a good deal of enquiry about the products and most of them won’t hesitate going online and looking for products. Multi-channel shopping has opened up doors for customers who also make purchases through social networking websites, laptops, phones, web and more. Networks of their friends on the social networking websites also affect their purchasing decision. Hence you will need to ensure that you are not lost in the woods. Keep around and be seen often by also ensuring that your content and messages are user-friendly and have the calibre to get across well.

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