10 Email Marketing Tips To Start The Year Off Right

Marketing by email is a great way to contact your current customers, leads, subscribers. If a company does give you their email, you don’t want to overload them with a bunch of spam. Below are 10 email marketing tips to help get your business started.

Make it Easy to Subscribe

Make your Subscribe form stand out on your website, blog, Facebook page or wherever else your customers and fans are already active.

Tell Subscribers what to Expect

Whether you plan to send company updates, weekly blog posts, daily deals or weekly tips, it’s important to tell your readers what to expect and how often they can expect it.

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Send a Welcome Email

It is always smart to remind people why they are on your list and reassure them that good things are in store.

Design your Newsletter to Fit your Brand

Your email campaigns should match your brand’s look and feel. If you are using a template, you might want to customize it to include your company’s colors and logos to go in the header.

Make it Scannable 

Your subscribers are busy people who get a lot of emails so it’s safe to assume you do not have their undivided attention.  Instead of one long block, break up your content into short paragraphs and include subheadings and images to guide readers through making it easier to scan. Bullet points are also really great for people who scan.

Send People Emails they want to Read 

Email people in different lists. Some companies may want to hear about one thing while another won’t care about that information. Keep your contacts separated into different groups or write your newsletter in segments. Send only certain segments to certain subscribers.

Keep a Publishing Calendar

If you are sending out a company newsletter, send it out as a schedule. Like every month or two.


Always make sure to leave plenty of time for the editing process. A business newsletter should always have good grammar and style. Poor grammar will reflect on your company’s reputation. Also, make sure to send out a test email and click all of the links to make sure they are going to the appropriate websites.

Go Mobile

If an email doesn’t show up on mobile devices, it isn’t going to perform as well. Everything you send should be mobile friendly. I would recommend a responsive email design so that it scales to fit all devices seamlessly.

Know Spam Rules

Innocent people send spam all the time, simply because they didn’t know any better. Read up on the CAN-SPAM act to find out all the information.

Author Bio: PTS Multimedia is a full service internet marketing agency that specializes in developing inbound marketing campaigns that produce the most ROI and best results for each client.

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