5 Step Guide To Getting A Smooth Clean Shave Each Time

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While the act of shaving is not particularly complicated, getting a close, smooth shave does require a certain level of skill or expertise, and it is more complicated than simply dragging a razor up and down over your face. If you want a close, smooth shave that women will not be able to keep their hands off of, follow these five steps.

Clean Your Skin

Starting with clean skin is essential for a good shave because if your skin is not clean, the dirt and oil on it can get clogged in your pores and cause black heads, bumps and irritation. Begin your shaving routine by washing your face with warm water and a mild cleanser.

Wet Your Face

Wetting your face with warm water will open your pores, relax your facial muscles and soften your whiskers. It will provide a thin barrier between the razor and your skin to reduce the chance of nicks and cuts. Many barber shops use hot, wet towels for their purpose, but a shower at home can work just as well.

5 Step Guide To Getting A Smooth Clean Shave Each Time

Use Quality Products

If you want an amazing shave, you need to use amazing products. Use a razor that is sharp and rust-free. Invest in a quality shaving brush made out of badger hair and use it to apply your The Art of Shaving products. Be sure to clean and replace your shaving tools as needed.

Shave With—Not Against—the Grain of Your Hair

Always start by shaving with the grain of your hair to reduce the chance of skin irritation. For most men, this will mean shaving in a top-to-bottom direction, though your hair growth pattern may vary slightly. If you want to wet your face and go over it a second time in the opposite direction, do so carefully.

Use an Aftershave Without Alcohol

Once you have successfully shaved, finish your routine by splashing cold water on your face and using an aftershave that does not contain alcohol. Not only will aftershave close your pores to increase your skin’s smoothness, but it will make your face smell great too.

While this tried and true technique should work great for any man who wants a kissable smooth face, do not be afraid to experiment a little to see what works best for you. You never know which razor, aftershave or shaving brush will work best for you until you have tried a couple different ones.

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