Top 5 Reasons for Using Mobile POS in A Business

Img3For a long time, businesses have relied on clunky, large, and pricey point of sale systems. Today, however, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are revolutionizing POS terminals across different business sectors such as retailing, hospitality industry, and real estate industry. Here are the top five reasons for using mobile POS in a business:

1. Increase Revenues

Businesses that adopt mobile POS tend to increase their sales significantly. For instance, businesses that used mobile point of sale systems in 2012 saw their revenues increase by 17.4%, according to a study published in the Wall Street Journal. In comparison, businesses that stuck with traditional POS terminals saw their revenues drop by 0.6%, according to the Intuit Small Business Index. These statistics show that installing POS software in a mobile device such as an iPad can have a positive impact on your business’s sales.

2. A Better User Experience

In most cases, the only way to interact with a traditional point of sale system is via the keyboard. However, this can be tricky for someone who is not used to typing on a physical keyboard. In contrast, it is much easier to access information on an iPad POS system. This is because all a user would have to do when using the latter is to swipe from one screen to the next, scroll up and down, or even navigate from one menu to another using easily accessible buttons. This means a new employee can learn how to use such as system quickly.

3. Easy To Expand

For a fast growing retailing business, the ability to expand quickly can make the difference between success and failure. With this in mind, it is easier to scale up mobile POS than traditional desktop based POS. In addition, a mobile POS system does not take up much space. This means you can stock more products in your store.

4. Streamline the Sales Process

A mobile POS makes it easy to attend to customers in different parts of a store. Because the store attendants would not necessarily have to wait for customers to walk all the way back to the sales register, a salesperson or attendant can walk around your store attending to customers as they shop. Of course, this approach has several advantages. Firstly, you will reduce long lines at the checkout point and improve customer experience. Secondly, attendants can recommend other products as they process items picked by customers. This word of mouth recommendation is much better than any advertising or marketing campaign that you could roll out.

5. Save Money

Mobile POS systems are generally cheaper than desktop based options. The cost of buying and installing such a system in a desktop PC can set you back more than $10,000. Mobile POS will only set you back about $100 or so.

In conclusion, if you currently run a business, it would be unwise to buy and install a POS system that is huge and expensive. This is because you can easily get the same functionality by using a mobile POS. Increased revenues, better user experience, streamlining the sales process, as well as easy to expand are just a few of the potential benefits of using such a system. Nevertheless, make sure you buy such a system from a reliable and reputable company like NCR Silver,

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