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Search Engine Optimization Methods For YouTube

SEO methods used for better indexing of the pages on your website in search engines should beapplied in a similar way to the YouTube URLs of the videos you upload on behalf of your company. The methods presented below can be a powerful source for indexing in Google as well. So if you want to attract a large number of viewers, here is what you need to watch for.

File Names

Even though you can change the title of your YouTube videos at any time during the upload process, the server will always remember the name of the original file. It is therefore best to save the videos that you upload on the website with a meaningful name, composed of keywords that are relevant to the content of your business. For example, instead of VID123.mp4, you could use the name “interview_cosmetic_products.mp4” if you are uploading an interview with a specialist in cosmetic products.

Title and Description

It is advisable to optimize the title of your videos using relevant keywords, specific to the subject addressed and to your business. The same principle applies to video descriptions, which should include the names of the people who appear in the video, but also product names and potential links that direct visitors to your company’s website or blog.


You may have noticed the “CC” button on YouTube, which is found at the bottom of every video. CC stands for Closed Captions, which is a feature that allows the uploader to add subtitles to the video to make it more accessible. What many people don’t know, however, is that subtitles are indexed by search engines, so using them will always be beneficial. YouTube recently introduced a new feature through which it detects the audio of the video and synchronizes it with the subtitle uploaded, so you do not even need to handle this process manually.

Buy Youtube Views (High Retention)

You can purchase Youtube views now from reputable companies that guarantee that 90 to 100% of the video is watched for every view. Youtube now tracks that amount of time watched in videos to rank you on the organic searches for your chosen keywords. It is a little marketer secret to buy view Youtube that will rank your videos easily and effectively.

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