Why Companies Should Have Chief Technology Officer?

Small and large businesses have different business requirements. In order to achieve their goals, they may use IT resources very differently. One common question among business owners is whether they need Chief Technology Officer to achieve their goals. This way, we can expect to see improvements in cost controls, in keeping customers satisfied and in getting additional customers.

Many companies find it very difficult to maximize use of information technology due to lack of experience in this area. They need to come up with proper strategic planning that directs and optimizes their organizational resources.

Executives would quickly realize that the need for improved scalability is very important. Many companies couldn’t survive in the highly competitive if they fail to follow latest trends in the market. Unfortunately, many businesspeople know too little about technical know-how to deliver provide solutions for their staff and customers. As a result, they could look for highly expensive solutions provided by other technological services companies.

This is one issue that emerging companies should resolve efficiently. One solution is to hire a CTO. Obviously, this will add another person in the top management and can be quite costly for some smaller companies. A CTO could also require some additional staff to complete multiple tasks.

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However, this is still a workable solution, because technology assessments and audits can be very daunting for small companies with limited technological resources and expertise. Experienced CTOs could provide in-house business continuity planning, compliance issues, outsourcing engagements, software development and business analysis from the technological perspective. After a few months, many companies find that the service provided by a CTO is quite critical.

Experienced CTOs can pave the way for companies to acquire new technologies at much more affordable price. By hiring the right individual, it is possible to gain more in terms of information technology without additional headaches. Business owners should make sure that the unique requirements of their businesses will be given to highly experienced technology staff.

In many companies without dedicated technological expertise, there are usually only computers that work independently. As companies grow larger and handle more customers, staff will find that productivity could be achieved through better coordination.

The first requirement would be the establishment of local networks and although this can be set up by people with slightly advanced computing knowledge, companies could have hundreds of computers in its office. In an office area with larger than a few dozen computers, specialized technical staff is required.

CTOs are needed when the network requires the involvement of top-level management. With hundreds of computers in the office, CTOs could determine how the large network should be managed. The company also often requires specific software solutions that are tailored for unique requirements. CTOs will provide requirements for the software and work with other executives in the marketing, finance and other departments to ensure smooth flow of operation.

The company-wide software solution should provide further boost in productivity. Medium-sized companies should begin to look for qualified CTOs for their own unique requirements.

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