Top 6 Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

There are many kinds of oils in the market today and coconut oil is one of these. Coconut oil has been in common usage for a long time now. This is one product which has multiple usages unlike many other oils which can be used or used mostly for human consumption and that too in their basic form only. Lately people have started understanding the health benefits associated with the usage of coconut oil and hence its usage and acceptability has become much wider. Coconut oil is available in virgin and extra virgin forms. Irrespective of the form it is used, it has a lot of health benefits.

  1. Coconut Oil does not Increase the Risk of Heart Disease

Being a saturated fat, coconut oil has naturally high content of medium chain glycerides but it does not increase the risk of heart disease unlike meat & dairy products which also have high content of saturated fats which increase the risk of heart disease. Therefore coconut oil is quite safe for consumption, even for the people who are prone to heart disease.

  1. Coconut Oil has Immune Protective Properties

Lauric acid, which is the main medium chain glyceride, in coconut oil has been proved to have immune protective properties. Hence for all such people whose immune system is weak or compromised, coconut oil can be a good option to use for consumption. Also in case of elderly and small children, usage of coconut oil can be a good option because of its immune protective properties.

  1. Coconut Oil has Anti-viral Properties Also

The anti-viral properties of coconut oil are well known. Its regular usage helps human body in fighting viruses. Nowadays with different viruses attacking human bodies, it has become very necessary that the human bodies are well prepared to fight the virus attacks.

  1. Coconut Oil is a Good Source of Energy

Coconut oil though has very high content of saturated fats, they are mainly made up of medium chain glycerides, which are supposed to metabolize very quickly and hence can be used by human body very easily as energy and because of getting quickly metabolized, the coconut oil does not get stored in the body as fat, thereby saving those, who consume coconut oil, from getting many complications which arise because of the fat deposition in the body.

  1. Coconut Oil is a Great Hair Nourish

The elders have been advising for ages the use of coconut oil for hair nourishment. A regular application of warm coconut oil to hair is a useful therapy to keep the hair healthy. It not only makes the hair roots stronger but also helps in avoiding pre-mature greying of the hair. For females who wish to have long and thick hair, coconut oil is a great help.

  1. Coconut Oil keeps the Skin Well Moist

Another useful health benefit of coconut oil is that it can keep the skin moist better and for a longer period as compared to many other oils & moisturizers. Even soft skin of babies can tolerate it well.

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