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3 Ways To Stay Healthy During Holidays

Tedious daily activities and business may easily wreak havoc on our emotions, minds and bodies. But when holiday comes, it should all about treats, parties, dinner and wonderful shopping. Holiday should bring a lot of smiles and unfortunately, also a few things that we don’t really want. We could get sicknesses, fatigue, a few extra pounds and even, additional stress! In fact, studies show that incidences of colds and flu could double during winter holiday. We may not have enough exercise during the period and we often eat too much unhealthy food. This could lower our immune resistance and make us more prone to illness. Fortunately, there are ways we can do to stay healthy and balanced as we are preparing to sail into the brand new January.

  1. Try to be physically active: This is probably the most essential step to keep us feel healthier. Obviously, shopping doesn’t count and we need to elevate our heart and breathing rate through proper exercises. We should be properly balanced during holiday season, because what we need to have are actually increased metabolism, increased energy and reduced stress. Holiday season could actually be stressful and exercise is a good way to release any accumulated stress and we should have reduced exposure to depressions. In fact, we could just take 30 minutes of uphill walk in any tourist destinations and this simple activity could do wonder to our well being and health.
  2. Eat healthily: Obviously, it is next to impossible to avoid those grilled meat, gravy, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. There are all those great treats that are naturally inviting. Although it is acceptable to indulge in tasty, slightly unhealthy food every once in awhile, we should always try to make the positives dominate our lives. Sugary drinks and fatty foods during holiday season can be very addicting, because they heighten activities of our brain neurotransmitter. We feel good because our brain releases more good mood chemicals.
  3. Start our day fresh: Many health experts have often discussed about the importance of raw, fresh food in our diet. They could keep our health at the highest possible levels. We could feel energized, our emotions can be more balanced and we have that kind of outward beauty radiant that attract people. This could be a challenge during a cold winter when produce was usually harvested months ago. However, we may still purchase some affordable, imported veggies that are usually harvested a few days in warmer climates. We could drink green smoothies to cleanse our body naturally. This simple drink should also increase oxygen level in our body and it should be a marvellous way to jump-start our day. Fruit juice could also add vital nutrients for our body any flush toxins we recently obtain from fatty meals, sugary desserts and alcoholic beverages. One day each week, we should consider drinking a lot of smoothies, eat veggies and some healthy carbohydrate, like yam.
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