Financial Derivatives Versus Wealth Management

2014 has been a difficult year for markets. When everything seemed to be stabilized, any external factor or any indicator put the different stocks in complicated scenaries.

The financial products, the raw material or currencies have defined months when investors saw how prices were fluctuating constantly.

That’s why investors are looking for different formulas for next year and see which could be the best option to invest their capitals.

Today we want to compare two different type of investment: financial derivative versus wealth management.

What are the financial derivative? Maybe it is one of the most unknown products for the little investor. It is a product which cotization value is related with other active price.

To this epigraph could be added stocks, fixed income products or variable coupon and even private income

Despite not always being in the value markets, it is true that they are usually inside them as well as they can be included the raw materials. The advantage is that the price you may have to pay to invest in this type of products is less than the one you should pay for stock, something that has an impact on investors.

In the case of the wealth management, base is completely different. It is a portfolio management that has been used by wealth persons which motto was the wealth management.

The expiration periods are usually in medium and long term and, with the actual capital they are looking for a benefit increase in order to have in a future a wider account.

Which is the good part of this type of investment? The services that help investors in legal and fiscal advice. Apart from an assesor that has the ability to manage the portfolio, making the customer forget everything about the tramits.

It is also important to have into account that anyone who decide to make this type of investment will have a constant contact with the person in charge of the management of the portfolio to have all the information and results available.

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