Apple MacBook Air 2015: Rumours Roundup

With a great progress and outreach, the products and services provided by the Apple Inc. are getting successful results and each and every product and services of the Apple are provided with unique features and specification. As a well reputed brand in all means and being a global trending essential professional residential and business product provider, the Company Apple has got its name for success in each and every part of this word. So, in that case, being the part of Apple product, the series of MacBook has got its hikes in several sequential ways. In this way, the new MacBook Air 2015 is going to be released in the upcoming year of 2015. Even though the previous MacBook Air 2014 has got several modest improvements to the svelte laptops, the versions of upgrades have got increasing yearly. Let’s discuss the good things to be known about the upcoming MacBook Air in the list and series of Apple products towards the year of 2015.

Release Date

Still the exact release date of the product is not yet published confirm by the developer team of Apple MacBook Air. But still, the release date for this Apple MacBook air 2015 is expected to be the any dates between the months of January till April 2015.


Since the product is not yet launched still, the specifications of the upcoming version of this MacBook is not known yet. Comparing the previous version of MacBook several predictions have been made and those states that the previous version MacBook Air 2014, has got Haswell Core i5 processor, with 2 independent processing cores that contributes on-board RAM memory with $GB of SDRAM and an Intel HD Graphics 5000. Now, this upcoming series of Apple MacBook Air 2015 is expected by the MacBook lovers to get integrated with Intel Broadwell Core of 1.2 to 2.9GHz core processor with Intel 5300 HD Graphics that suits both 4GB and 8GB RAM in a GPU of 900MHz.


Each and every feature of the MacBook Air series has got several appraisals and rewards and this MacBook 2015 is also rumored to come up with Retina Resolution Display and with a fingerprint sensor as seen in the previous series. It is also found that, for the integration of Retina Display, the MacBook Air 2015 is going to be named as Apple MacBook Air Retina. With a great expectation, this Lap would get released with sleeker designs and there would be no doubts for the inclusion of new add-ons with interesting features.


Depending on the model of the series the prices of each and every MacBook has got different in the previous series. From the price comparisons of the previous series, it is expected that the price of Apple MacBook Air 2015 will be around $950 – $1150. But these are not yet confirmed by the Apple Inc. But, being the truth, Apple will not sell this exclusive MacBook Air above $1200, the standard barrier.


Thus, with more expectations, rumors and views, this Apple MacBook Air Retina or 2015 is going to be released next year with excellent features and desires. So, stay tuned to get updates and facts on the upcoming series and products of Apple.

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