Sony Xperia Z4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Comparison

Everyone likes to choose best mobile and they are a little bit confused in it because there is a wide range of Smartphone are available online. Best way to pick right mobile is comparing Smartphones. And here we brought to caparison between two great smartphones Xperia Z4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Lets view design feature of these Smartphone devices. Xperia Z4 contains Android 5.0 version, operating system, but Samsung Galaxy 4 contains android 4.4 versions. This feature shows that Xperia Z4 comes with latest version operating system. Not only operating system and also it contains great outlook Xperia Z4 has a big display of 5.9 inches. So give attention to this best Smartphone.

Release Date Of Sony Xperia Z4

First Sony Xperia Z was released in February 2013 and it comes with many special features. People thank Sony and they are expecting latest Xperia Z4 also comes with advance features. Definitely Xperia X4 will satisfy everyone’s expectation and Sony planned to release Xperia Z4 in this second month of 2015. Now Sony is ready to release the full sized Smartphone.

Excellent Specifications of Xperia Z4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Xperia Z4 contain big size of 5.9 inches, but the size of Samsung Galaxy 4 is 5.7, which means Xperia z4 offers extra stylish and this mobile contain resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, it is similar to Samsung note 4. Xperia Z4 contains more physical density, which is about 496 pipes and special features in Xperia Z4 is advanced technology. It is really true fact, Xperia Z4 is developed with IPS LCD technology, but Samsung Galaxy 4 builds with AMOLED. The ratio of the screen body of this mobile is 74. 39 percent and it comes with several color. The highlighting color feature behind in Xperia Z4 is 16 777 216 and it comes with a high sensitive multi touch. Awesome feature behind Xperia Z4 is advanced sensor; this mobile comes with proximity sensor and light sensor.

Awesome Feature Of Xperia Z4

Xperia Z4 contain high quality camera of 16 megapixels and it is supported by great light flash. It has in built Dual LED but Samsung note 4 contains single LED and aperture size of this Xperia Z4 is F2.2. It contains great focus length of 31 mm and it is built with special sensor size about 2.6. The wonderful feature behind in Xperia Z4 is a great image sensor of CMOS and it highly supports with autofocus touch. Xperia Z4 has the best digital image stability, which offers an advanced way of capturing images and it comes with a face detection facility. This mobile comes with balance presets over ISO control. Likewise, many excellent features were behind in Xperia Z4 but Samsung mobile contains back with sensor only. Xperia Z4 is well supported with a camcorder and it has the ability to support more application. This feature shows that Xperia Z4 is the best one while compare to Samsung note 4. This is the beginning of 2015 and Z4 would be available in the market in soon and Xperia Z5 would be releasing in the mid 2015.

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