On A Budget? 4 Ways To Save Some Serious Bucks

Being budget conscience these days has become a part of life for many people. With the economy being as it is and the rising costs of practically everything, living from paycheck to paycheck is the new norm. If you are tired of having money left over after paying the mortgage and monthly bills, there are some things that you can do that will save you some serious money and put some bucks back into your budget. Here are 4 ways you can save some serious money every month.

Pack a Lunch

One of the easiest ways to save money is packing your lunch and stop eating out so much. If you’ve never thought about how much money you spend daily on sandwiches, snacks and drinks, take the time to track your daily spending habits for just one week. Then add it up and multiple by four weeks. Don’t be surprised if you could save well over a hundred dollars a month alone on just taking lunch with you.

If you have school children, do the same thing for them. You can pack a nutritious lunch for your family and know that good and healthy eating is taking place. You don’t have to entirely cut out buying lunch, but it could be a good reward incentive for you to use.


Another easy way to save money each month is on your utilities. Just by turning off lamps and other electronics that are not being used can help cut down on your monthly bill. Even changing out your light bulbs for more energy efficient ones helps reduce your energy needs and will save you money.

Share a Ride

If you have public transportation available why not help the environment along with saving money on gasoline and other car expenses. Public transportation has its advantages that you might just like. Many people spend hours in their cars stuck in traffic or being slowed down by accidents. Public transportation will give you peace of mind, time to relax or read a book and make commuting to work a whole lot more stress free.

You can even look at the possibility of bike riding or even walking to work. These options are especially good for those who live close enough to work to take advantage of it. If you are someone who can, then think of the health value you are adding while saving money.

Cut the Cable Dependency

One of the biggest savings you’ll instantly see is cutting your cable. Now for some people, cable is their lifeline and the idea of going without is like taking a fish out of water. But contrary to what you’ve been told or even read, you can get a variety of channels in high definition right over the airwaves. Best part it’s free.

Cable can run well over a $100 to $200 a month depending on your tier of service and extra pay packages. And the sad reality is that cable TV prices aren’t going to go down. So you do have a choice by purchasing a high definition TV antenna like the Clear TV antenna from As Seen on TV, click here to know more. Hooking it up is a breeze and its small size lets you use it anywhere you want. You save lots of money each month because you don’t have to pay for programming you receive from over the airwaves.

There are lots of ways that you and your family can save money and help your monthly budget go a bit farther. Depending on what your goal of savings each month is, you may be able to combine several options to meet and exceed your goals.

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