How To Get High Grades On Math and English Subjects

Some students aren’t particularly that good in English and math subjects. Here are some ways by which you can change that grade F to grade A.

Understanding the Concepts:

First of all understanding the theory of the subject and knowing the concepts is the key to getting good grades. If you know how to solve a problem then you can easily improve your math grade. And in English if you know the theory and concepts you can easily ace the subject.

But the biggest problem of going to a public school is that you don’t get enough attention from the teacher and hence are not able to understand the concept itself. This leads to your grades deteriorating and sliding towards F, so what can the solution be?

Smaller Size Class Rooms:

Recently a research was done by the School of Psychology and Human Development, IOE. They found that the teachers are better able to focus on the students in smaller size class rooms, unlike those in normal schools. Furthermore, students are also able to interact actively with their teachers in this way. This research also went on to show that those students who are academically weaker are usually less engaged in the larger classes.

So how can you gain access to a smaller class room where the teacher’s attention is solely focused on you and s/he is committed to making you understand the basic concepts? Here is where the idea of tutoring comes in.


By taking admission in an English tuition centre you can get help in scoring marks in this subject which is not exactly your first language.

Mathematics is a subject in which you can’t get good simply by studying. In order to improve your grade you have to understand the theory and know how to solve the problem so put yourself in tutoring and join a math tuition center.

Many tuition centers emphasize on the risks of the use of calculators by primary school children. Kids use calculators as a way to find answers easily and just write the final answers from calculators and don’t show sufficient working to explain the method. In this way they lose marks. Another mistake people usually make is the failure to use brackets and other countless silly mistakes. By tutoring you can easily do enough practice to lower the chances of such mistakes and hence gain better grades.

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