What You Should Ask When Renting Furniture

Buying furniture for your new apartment is a very tough job, and if you’re only planning on staying in that apartment for a few months, it becomes even harder since you have to worry about moving whatever you get with you.

However, there’s a good alternative to all that. Rental furniture is a great way to get the kind of furniture you want, but without all the hassles, as long as you read the fine print!

What Are You Getting?

Most furniture rental services offer furniture in really good condition and in most cases, you can pick out matching, full sets designed for specific rooms. That helps out a lot if you don’t have the time to go and match everything together. The quality of the furniture for rent is usually, directly proportional to what you’re paying for it so you should be able to find something that fits your budget. That said, you’ll still need to check out multiple rental companies before you take the plunge.

Costs and Fees

Ideally, you should check with and get the total rental costs from three to four rental services so that you can get the best deal, but make sure you read the fine print and payment terms carefully. Some places can charge you a higher upfront fee, but a lower monthly fee, while others will charge you lower upfront fee, or maybe even no upfront fee, but will charge you a higher monthly rent. Make sure you ask about this and about automatic payments, as well as late payment charges and any other costs you might have to pay. Another good question would be asking for a discount because you’re a student, or work for some local company. You’d be surprised by how many companies actually give discounts to employees of local firms.

Contracts and Agreements

Rental agreements and contracts vary from company to company but most tend to have a fixed term contract, so make sure you ask about their termination clauses, and also about penalties in case something gets damaged or stained. A few companies even charge an early termination fee in case you need to return the furniture before a preset duration of the contract period. Remember to ask about that too.

Insurance Cover

Another thing you should look into is insurance. Quite a few companies insure rental furniture and provide some much needed coverage in case of fire or water damage, or theft. Asking the rental service you choose about this is a good idea as well.

All in all,  event furniture rental singapore services are great if you need to furnish your rental apartment without having to purchase anything.

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