Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Explore The Beast

Samsung the king of smartphones released the most awaiting phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the Sep 2014. Since then the sales are pretty high for the Note 4. But other manufacturers flagship like iPhone 6 Plus is affecting its sales. Let’s see where it will go in near future.

No doubt Samsung has powered the new Galaxy Note 4 with the latest features. Like, S Health, is pleased with past models, but it comes with improvements. Now there is not only a pedometer and Personal Trainer Coach by Cigna, but also the measurement of heart rate and blood oxygen.

You can calculate with this app, the Steps with the distance traveled very accurately and also store all the data itself, building graphics, and so forth. Heart rate measuring correctly – a useful thing.

The Galaxy Note 4 GPS works fine: starts fast, holds the position confidently. In the Settings section, Samsung is always been advanced; the usual setup of Android was not even close. In Note 4 to it obviously worked, so now setting has become more or less logical and understandable. It shows not only key points.

In addition to the standard display mode is a simple – with large icons. Lock mode – a very useful thing. Private mode – needed for situations where smartphone falls into the wrong hands.

On the “Home” is a fingerprint scanner. Works well, but it is necessary to carry out the finger and not applying it. Yes, it works without any problems.

Galaxy Note 4 Energy saving – works very well. There is an emergency power-saving mode in which the phone will work for two weeks. But there are very limited options available. The memory settings are not loaded in the device. From 32 GB to 24 GB are available – normal. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone is a very fast, smart, and never slows down.

The cameras set of Galaxy Note 4 is very nice, simple and easy to use interface. It’s simple, easy and understandable selection mode, shooting photos, videos, the choice of destination. Above configuration is including the camera and change HDR. Modes are very diverse, automatic mode works well.

In our opinion, it is just excellent! Quality photos and video gives a wonderful, focusing almost misses, white balance adjustment, the software puts literate shooting options – “shake” in general has never seen, well, very cool camera behaves under poor conditions. So just class!

Mindful of the fact that such a resolution at the LG G3 led to a very modest battery life of quite capacious battery (but we are mindful of the fact that it uses a completely different matrix), But no, there’s battery life – quite decent.

Almost purely with my normal usage, when the all-inclusive and does not save energy, smart living out until the evening somewhere in the 40% remaining battery capacity. So everything is good with battery, especially considering the resolution of the display.

Galaxy Note 4 turned to be a decent phone but not the revolutionary; Samsung has to work more on the upcoming devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note Edge 2.

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