Spa Parts: Maximum Maintenance Guarantees The Optimum Spa Experience

To offer your guests or your clients or your family that superb super-relaxing yet invigorating grand spa experience, you need all the right ingredients: the spa itself, water, minerals, jets and swirls and little waves, all fully functioning without a hitch.


From ‘thermae’ to ‘whirlpool’, the spa concept has travelled a long road. Way back in history, natural hot springs, rich in minerals and iron, attracted those seeking remedies for health problems. From prehistoric times the widespread belief that mineral waters were a cure for everything was rife and throughout history natural mineral springs have been a destination for those seeking relief from numerous ailments. Then, spa resorts became fashionable and for a while they attracted the rich and famous rather than the sick. Today, doctors still recommend spa therapy for certain complaints such as arthritis, rheumatism and low back pain and recent studies of balneotherapy have shown that spa therapy is a valid help.

Home Spas and Spa Pools

Nowadays, the spa idea has been updated and expanded, creating diverse types of spa facilities and locations; many people go to spa resorts for an alternative type of holiday and to sample the spa experience. The basic spa concept is still based on health and on toning up the body and it is an attractive alternative to a session at a swimming pool. The modern spa generally uses hot, warm or tepid mineral-rich swirling water and often includes whirlpool and Jacuzzi elements to produce a living-water effect. Spas come in various dimensions: sizeable spa pools located in hotels or gyms, often together with saunas; small home spas which can also be portable; and capacious commercial spa pools handsomely decorated with mosaics which accommodate many people.

Spa Specialists

Whether the spa facility is small or enormous, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Modern spa pools perform a lot of tricks, like swirls and bubbles and changes in water temperature; also the water involved needs precise amounts of minerals, chemicals and chlorine or non-chlorine cleansing agents. All the sophisticated equipment involved, and which guarantees the great spa experience, needs to be frequently inspected and, if necessary, replaced. Spa parts, or spare parts for spa facilities, have a lot in common with swimming pool equipment spare parts; professional firms in the sector are specialised in providing the right part for your needs. Top-notch professional companies provide not only parts for pools and spas but, equally important, advice and information. They always have experts on hand to advise about replacement parts and equipment, as well as consumables like spa chemicals and cleansing agents. Essential items to have in reserve include filters and filtration equipment, spa chemicals for cleansing, pipes and fittings and, above all, pumps and relevant accessories.


There is a wide selection of pumps on the market, each with slightly different characteristics, but they all pump that water! Powerful pumps are indicated for spas even though their dimensions are not those of large swimming pools. Power pumps are necessary for spa jets and other swirling water effects. Some pumps are compatible with solar heating systems and some have optional plumbing kits. Turbo pumps, as the name suggests, are high power and high performance and some turbo pumps are adaptable to various plumbing conditions. Indeed, another essential area is plumbing, sometimes even the basic pipes or fittings need replacing.

Spa Filters and Spa Chemicals

Filters and filtration equipment are necessary both in spas and pools and it is a good idea to have an adequate reserve of valves, gauges and replacement cartridges. Other filtration equipment includes drains, suctions, eye-balls, jets and skimmer boxes. Spa chemicals, which keep the water pure and bacteria-free, have quite a few categories: sanitisers, water balancers, water clarifiers, maintenance treatments, etc. Then, there are chemicals to regulate alkalinity levels and chemicals that remove phosphates and clarify the water, the latter is a water sanitiser for chlorine-free clean water – you can almost drink it!

Maintenance is the Key

Whether your favourite spa is a large fancy complex or a small personal home spa, the spa experience is always enjoyable. If you have to take care of spa maintenance, then keeping a stock of spa parts is advisable. It may be a good idea to build up stock little by little; by adding a piece every now and then to your parts collection, you will never be caught out if equipment should fail. Frequent inspections reveal where there is wear and tear on a component and professional spa facilities or resorts always retain a good stock of spare parts to keep ahead of possible mal-functioning. All this means constant checking and maintenance and a fair bit of time and dedication, but the results are well worth such vigilance: a perfectly functioning state-of-the-art spa pool is a delight to experience.

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