Basics Of Healthy Eating

When someone asks us about the true definition of health, we may often provide a rather simplified answer, such as the absence of all diseases, in physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels. This may sound like a straightforward answer, but not many people can achieve this state and many cases, impossible. However, one important rule of staying healthy is to make a regular effort to choose the path toward full wellness and get rid of any disease. We could choose a journey that can bring physical and mental joy. We may exercise each day, ride the bike, meditate, practice yoga and eat healthily. One important part of staying healthy is by practicing healthy eating. Our food is consisted not only of basic elements, such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen, but also more nutritionally important minerals, like calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iodine and iron.

Basics Of Healthy Eating

Our body is consisted of 70 percent water and the blood needs to go to our lung and heart for proper circulation. The carbonic acid waste carried by our blood needs to be oxidized into carbon dioxide that can be exhaled through nose or mouth. So, it is clear that water is an important part in any healthy eating. We also have soft colon and hard teeth that are two essential parts of our digestive process. They could work well only if we eat healthily. Disease could begin with poor choices of food, so we need to consider how we should eat.

As an example, we may have lack organic sodium in our diet and this could cause stomach problem, while high amount of sodium could progressively lead to heart disease. Food with little iron could cause anemia, while taking too much iron due to inorganic contamination could cause constipation. Healthy eating should be part of our daily routine and it is essential for our continued mental acuity. Adequate exercise should also boost our body, making it stronger and more nimble, while overworking our muscle could cause injury. Healthy lifestyle is about achieving proper balance. There are also some bad eating habits that we need to break, such as eating too much or eating too often. Many of us also prefer to ear fried food and this could cause various digestive imbalances. In fact, many people with unhealthy eating pattern are just one short step of dying.

It is actually possible to make our life more enjoyable with healthy eating, although our body may not be in tip top shape. There are many benefits we could gain from the nature and our body should be able to guide us to much better health. We should look at our own human frame to properly determine what’s best for us. Our taste buds not only could sense four basic sensations, such as sour, bitter, salty and sweet; but also different kinds of tastes. Biological clues are not enough to determine healthy food, because some bitter food can be healthy; while some sweet ones can be potentially hazardous.

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