Understanding Food-based Medicines

Many great medicines are derived from plants, as an example, ginseng is known to increase our resistance to stress and various diseases. It could also increase our mental and physical efficiencies, while blood pressure is normalized and diabetes id reduced. Researchers in France also discovered that ginseng can help elderly people troubles with memory lapses. Chlorophyll is also an important live-giver with its green pigment. It is needed by plant to synthesize nutrients using the solar energy. When consumed regularly chlorophyll could become powerful cleanser for our body. Although there are chlorophyll supplements in the market, it is also a good idea to consume green leafy vegetables each day. Chlorella and spirulina are two microalgae that can be good for our body. They are available in the market as tablets, capsules or powder. Rich in minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and other biochemical elements, chlorella and spirulina should become our daily medicine food.

Understanding Food-based Medicines

Evening primrose is also a useful and fascinating herbal remedy. Oil can be extracted from its seed and the whole plant is edible. The oil is useful for various skin problems, such as skin rashes. Milk thistle is an amazing plant that’s good in rebuilding our liver. It is a great detoxification solution, for people with liver issues. However, we should go slowly with milk thistle, because it is quite powerful. There are also natural medicines that contain progesterone and phytoestrogen, which are usually derived from fenugreek, fennel, wild yam or black cohosh.

There are many exotic plants around the world that can be used as medicine. Beet tops are known as impressive blood purifiers. Celery is used by many active athletes to rejuvenate themselves with great results. It is very cooling, especially after we participate in arduous competitive games. We could also stay cool with a mix of pineapple juices and celery. It should effectively replace any salt lost during a hot day. Cucumbers could be used as a cooling food and like celery, it is rich in organic sodium. Leeks work wonderfully to drive out germs in our body and it works almost similarly like garlic. We could get rid our body of catarrh with onions and they are often used to treat chest conditions. Lemon juice is a wonderful antiseptic that we can use externally and internally. We should apply it on sores, scalp and corns.

The head of lettuce may not contain many nutrients, but people who can’t sleep soundly at night should juice it up. It contains an opium-like substance that can also slow down digestion. There are various nutritious mushrooms we can consume. Popular mushrooms from Asia include reishi, maitake and shitake. They are packed with germanium, which can elevate the oxygen level in cell. Raw nuts should work best for people who have prostate problems, because they are high in zinc and manganese. Papaya should help people with digestion problems and stomach troubles. It contains substances that can breakdown toxic proteins in our digestive system. Both papaya and pineapple contain protease that can metabolize proteins.

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