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Family Law Questions

Family law varies and involves many issues from adoption to divorce. The FAQs family law refers to previous problems and after divorce, including child support, legal separation or dissolution proceedings. Even the issues of adoption and paternity must be resolved in court.

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How I can File for Divorce?

For divorce requires that the petitioner, the person requesting the divorce petition for the dissolution of the clerk’s office local county and provide a copy of the petition to the defendant. Once the defendant responds and provides all the required information, you can also submit supporting documentation requesting information from the petitioner. Usually, the court ordered mediation in which issues such as property settlement, child custody and financial support can be solved. If this action is unsuccessful, the case can proceed to trial. Then the judge will determine the outcome and render a final judgment of dissolution.

What are the Legal Issues relating to Adoption?

All adoption proceedings have to go through the legal process and should be finalized in court by a judge. Adopting a child gives the adopting person or couple the same rights as biological parents. Thus, the judge in an adoption procedure usually reviews a number of factors. After they present to the court the adoption petition, home visits, background checks and counseling sessions are often ordered by the court to determine whether new adoptive parents are eligible to adopt the child. In the final adoption hearing, the judge will interview the adoptive parents will review all research results and make a decision on whether to grant the request.

How Child Support Amounts are Changed?

Regardless of whether both parents have reached verbal agreements amounts of child support, the amount the noncustodial parent must pay is determined by the child support order. Changing the order of child support is the only legal way to change the financial obligations. There are many reasons that an order can be modified by the judge. The command is usually changed when the income of either parent suddenly rises or drops considerably. But the judge approves the amendment, the noncustodial parent is legally bound to its previous financial obligations are in order.

What is a Legal Separation?

A legal separation is a formal judgment by the court. Essentially, it is established that both parties have resolved all issues related to marriage dissolved, such as child support obligations, property settlement and issues of child custody, while remaining still legally married. Most of the time, when a couple is legally separated and is living apart and act as a divorced couple. This option is typically used when couples want to stay legally married for prosecutors, religious reasons and motives moral.

What is a Paternity Suit?

A paternity suit is usually taken to court by a mother for test and determines the biological father of her child. However, men can bring paternity suit in order to alleviate the physical or financial obligations of a child, if he believes he is not the biological father. During the course of a paternity suit, the court shall order DNA testing. Once the DNA is taken, and the evidence confirms paternity, the petitioners’ requests for child support or custody may be awarded by the judge.

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