Holistic Methods To Deal With Heart Problems

February 20, 2015 Health News No Comments
Holistic Methods To Deal With Heart Problems

Holistic approaches are based on the belief that our body could heal itself if provided with the right tools. Heart diseases are among the leading causes of death around the world. While the most commonly taken steps are usually focused on healthy diet and exercise, there are actually other steps we can do to improve our health.

Holistic Methods To Deal With Heart Problems

  • Reiki healing and reflexology: These methods should help us heal and cleanse our energy, specifically our nadis, meridians, chakras and auras. Healthy people have smoothly-flowing energy. Reiki and reflexology experts can focus to heal and cleanse our heart meridians and chakra.
  • Detoxify kidneys and liver: We could improve these important organs through dandelion and milk thistle supplements, as well as chelation therapy. How water mixed with cilantro, sea salt and whole fresh lemon could also ease our heart condition.
  • Daily exercise: Exercise is essential and we should do daily cardio and weightlifting exercises. We should at least walk a few miles each day briskly preferably with some weights in our hands. The most important things is to get our heart rate up for a period of time while exercising.
  • Eliminate stress: Stress reduction is essential to reduce blood pressure.
  • Natural supplements: Natural supplements should help us to relax our body and reduce stress. Common supplements include chamomile, kava kava, dark chocolate, magnesium, hawthorn, holy basil, B12 vitamins and valerian root.
  • Yoga and stretching: These activities should get our energy flowing and we could also reduce stress. Daily breathing exercises and meditation are also essential to relieve stress. Essential oils derived from vanilla, lavender, rose and other floral sources should help us reduce stress.
  • Hot salt bath: We can take hot salt bath mixed with some lavender. This should help us relieve stress.
  • Use healing crystals: Although there are no direct relations between crystals and health, it has been shown that crystals can promote our inner calm and peace. We could hold crystals while we are meditating or we could carry one in our pocket. Meditation is essential to get our body and mind get relaxed. It allows us to escape the state of negativity and stress. There are specific emotional release techniques that can help us reduce negativity and stress. They could be combined with deep breathing techniques to ensure that we are more relaxed.

People with negativity and stress are more vulnerable to heart disease, as well as depression and anxiety. For this reason, it’s important for us to identify stress factors and minimize them. Actually, there are ways for us to reduce unnecessary drama and conflicts in our lives. We should set up strong boundaries and avoid contact with toxic and negative people when it isn’t necessary. We should also identify stressful situations and environments that we can prevent. Our focues should be on maintaining our inner peace and health. It means we need to forgive, let go detach and release all stress factors.

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