6 Ways To Consume Fat and Meat Healthily

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Eating and digesting are processes that we need to do to nourish ourselves. We need a strong body to dispose waste and prevent illness. It means we also need all factors required for a healthy physical and mental condition:

6 Ways To Consume Fat and Meat Healthily

  1. Oils: Oils should be cold pressed. They are essential to feed our tissues, ligaments, muscles and brain. However, we should choose our oils wisely and only cold pressed one can offer us great nutrition. On the other hand processed oil products often don’t bear enough nutrition. Cold pressed olive oil works well for food with low heat or cold preparation, such as salad. Grapeseed oil or coldpressed avocado oil can sustain higher heats, while maintaining proper integrity. Flax seed oil, sunflower oil and others could provide omegas that are vital for our overall body functions.
  2. Game or wild meats: Instead of choosing meats from farmed animals, we may choose those taken from game animals. Wild animals are usually grass or plant eaters with much less exposure to chemicals. Our poultry and meat have been compromised and it is possible for us to accumulate so much chemicals and toxins over the years. If we can’t be a vegetarian, it is advisable to choose wild game. Some wild animals are available in abundant numbers and they could even be considered as pests, like common kangaroos in Australia.
  3. Wild range and organic poultry: Wild range and organic poultry are usually free from hormones and chemicals that are so common these days.
  4. Non-farmed fishes: Fish has the tenderest meat among other animal groups and they can be digested very easily. It is a great choice for our fat and protein requirements. However, fish could come from any water and it is important to know where it could originate. As an example, wild cold water salmon often have higher nutrition and bio available oils. They have much less bad minerals and dangerous chemicals compared to many farmed, warm-water fish. Ponds could be thriving with bacteria so we need to properly cook farmed fish to prevent contamination.
  5. Cook properly: There are proper cooking methods to garner the most nutrition from meat. Low-hear crock pot soups can be mixed with meats. This way, we won’t consume too much oil and charred bits of meat that can be bad for our health. We should also add some greens and reds when we eat meats.
  6. Eat properly: Meats are known for higher levels of free radicals compared to other food sources. We may also consider eating raw food along with meat. As an example, raw salad with tomatoes, lettuce, shredded carrot and cucumber can be combined quite well with steak. It will also be beneficial if we drink fruit smoothies when we eat relatively large amount of cooked meat.

In general, we should base our buying and processing decisions by using our common sense and logic. We should decide by characteristics , because vegetables and fruits can also absorb pesticides and chemicals.

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